Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Edna !!

Finally ! The waiting game is over !! The little princess finally arrived on the 29th June, staying in her mummy's tummy for exactly 40 weeks, weighing a nice weight of 3.4 kg !

Let us welcome Princess Edna !!

She looks exactly like her daddy !!

And guess what's her first gift for me? ... ... A fart plus poo poo !!

A closer view of Edna ...

Visited the mother and daughter the next day, bringing the papaya fish soup for Jo at the same time. This time round, Edna looks even more like her daddy !!

Here's Princess Edna with her new found friend, sweetie cowie.

Edna: ok ok ... I surrender, just let me sleep a bit more ok? "

The way she sleeps, reminds me of how Xav slept when he was a new born.

She can go back home after a 2D2N stay @ the chalet.

Time to get change to go home !!

I happened to caught hold of Edna's hungry hippo face ! hahaha ..

All set to go home !! Look !! Little Edna is smiling !!!

Shall visit lil' Edna next week ! Hugs to Edna !!

Here's the ingredients for the papaya fish soup.

1. Half a green papaya

2. A pack of threadfin fish head and tail

3. Few slices of red dates

4. Few slices of ginger

This is my second attempt in boiling the soup. The first was like ... ... think I rather not mention it...

Learnt from the past experience, this time round, the soup is yummy !!! Think I can cook this for Xav,replacing the papaya with tomatoes and potatoes.

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