Saturday, July 4, 2009

Superstar Virgo

This year's 2nd Anniversary celebation was celebrated way advanced. We went on a 3D2N cruise on Superstar Virgo with lil' Xavier.

This trip, lesser things to prepare for Xavier's food as he could eat solids now. But I still brought along some pigeon instant food togo with the rice, some apple and prune juice from Heinz and some sachets of Enfagrow powder.

How time flies... Last year, lil' Xav celebrated our first anniversary with us @ Meritus Mandarin.

We could feel that Xavier knew that he was going on a trip. He was exceptionally excited and happy and was on all smiles.

The first thing he did when we entered the cabin was, he straight away went to explore the switch on the lamp just above the bed.

After settling down, we went for our supper @ The Mediterranean (Deck 12).

After that, lights out for Xavier !

Too excited to fall alseep. He wanna try out how comfy the bed was.

After Xav slept, we went to the Taverna Bar for some drinks and chit chat while waiting for the ship to be in International waters, so that we can go and try our luck at the Casino.

Time Limit set for ourselves, win or lose, step out of the casino by 2 am !

The next day, as early as 7 am, we went for beakfast at The Mediterranean.

Xavier had his fair share of our breakfast !

Slowly, picking up the cornflakes in the bowl

Been quite clingy to daddy lately... Teary xav when daddy left to take some food..

And Xavier's OMG version!

After breakfast, brought Xav to Deck 7 and linger around the lobby as it was raining..

Xav: "Mummy, is 9100 our room?"

Went back to have his diaper changed and while we take a little rest

and unpack his diaper bag, Xav and me went to the balcony to enjoy the breeze and sea view.

This time round, Xav can't go into the pool even though the water is warm as he just recovered from his bronchitis. Better protect him a bit longer.

Dear Dear received a birthday cake from the courtesy of Superstar Virgo on the day we checked in. But too late for cake we supposed. We claimed at Blue Lagoon the next day.

While we were enjoying the cake, Xav fall asleep. We took the chance to go for a Jacuzzi dip, while X slept in the pram.

Just nice when X woke, we were done !! heee.. It's time to go for lunch ! Went back to the room to get changed and here's X stuck in between the couch and the bed !

Time for lunch !! the second day we went to Bella Vista (Western Cuisine) for our lunch.

Take some pics along the way ... ...

@ Bella Vista

I love the settngs there and also because it was not so crowded over there, plus given the great window seat with sea view !

and Xav can explore and walk along the platform.

Happily doing his fashion show...

He can be so cheeky when we gave him bread to munch.. lol.. Looks like as if he's sticking out his tongue.

This is our yummy lunch ! Salmon Burger, Baked Eggplants and apple crumpler for desserts.

Xav was enjoying his lunch plus our fries !!

After lunch, we brought Xav to roam around on Deck 12.

Walking in between the benches ..

And he shared the shawl with me from the strong winds.

He was happily walking, ever so carefree, no boundaries and no restrictions.

Right up to Deck 13 we went ..

As usual, he had his nap in the cabin, dear dear went for his water play on the long slide

while I had my jacuzzi dip again continuing on with my sun tan session after that.

After Xav woke from his nap, we went for dinner at Bella Vista (Chinese Cuisine)

Xav: "Dinner, here I come !! " and he marched straight right into the restaurant !

Early birds get window seats again ! hee ... ...

There Xavier goes .. hiding under the table again ..

Here's our dinner for the evening.

The dinner was completed with the beautiful sunset...

One family pic together !

Happy little Xavier !

Dear dear and Xav in a fish tank !

It's Xavier 1st time in ktv !! He joined us for a mini ktv session @ Celebrity Disco and KTV lounge located at Deck 12.

Xavier enjoying himself on the dance floor ! heee.. hee..

We sang till 9pm then went backk to the cabin to put him to bed.

Then, we went for some snacks at Blue Lagoon while waiting for the casino to resume operation.

As usual, I played till 2am while dear dear went back earlier.

It's the third day on the cruise... happy moments past pretty fast.. Here's Master Chua, relaxing and watching cartoons while waiting for us to get ready for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went back and pack up our stuff to prepare for an early check out so as to avoid the crowds later.

Xavier's enjoying his no boundaries and carefree run !

It's nap time again !

"Mummy !! I'm done with my nap, it's time for lunch !

We went for chinese cuisine for lunch and spot the "little drummer"

Went for some pics taking before we went back to check out...

We spent the remaining one hour at the KTV hall.. Dear dear this time round, dedicated to sing "Red Dragonfly" by Little Tigers & guess what... Xavier was like.. eeh... how come so familiar .. and he stared at the daddy until the end of the song. It's becos, we always sing him this song since he was third month old till now, whenever we put him to bed.

We ended our trip here and look forward to another trip near to the end of the year.. Dear dear was saying might wanna go for another cruise, perhaps, this time, Superstar Libra or we might make a trip to Penang. Shall decide till then. Ciao !

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