Sunday, July 19, 2009

Outing @ Esplanade

Xavier's first visit to the Esplanade with Olivier and mummy! Had arranged for a meet up session with the ladies.

While waiting for Mummy Violet and Olivier, Xav was already roaming around in and outside of Esplanade.

& here's Xavier with his favourite Singa !! He never fails to point it out to me whenever we pass by !!

He heard someone using the mobile phone behind and he went straight to cover his ears to imitate talking on the phone !!

"Hey Singa, did you hear me earlier when I was talking to you? "

Quite a nice place to bring the kids to. Indoor for them incase of rainy season, else they can run freely at the open area, without having to worry about any traffic.

Met Mummy Violet and Olivier for the first time.

How cute the kids were ! Hugging each other the first time they met each other ! Here comes friendly Xavier, giving Olivier a big hug !!

Exchanging bottles for keepsake ?! Or greedy Xavier wants all to himself !

lol.. As if they were up to some discussion ! Aren't they cute !

Xav: "Can I keep the bottle, please ? "

"Pleeeease... ... hee ...... "

Catch Xavier performing in the Journey to the West ! Looks like his poster heh !

Ended the day after having a nice chat with Mummy Violet and Sharon who joined us later and Xav slept for 2 long hours for his noon nap.. shag out from all his running !! hahahahha ... conclusion to make them sleep better .. engage them in more physical activities. Let'em run !!

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