Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meat balls & Cabbage Kway Teow Soup

First time trying out this for Xavier ! I like the texture of the meat balls. Soft, tender and sweet.

He likes it and during this meal, he had a fun time learning how to feed himself.

as I placed some meat balls in a seperate bowl and he managed to poke the meat balls and placed them into his mouth.

I bought some fresh kway teow and fish paste from the wet market. The uncle told me the fish was "Fan Shu Yu" aka "Sweet potato fish" ?!?

and taught me to mix into minced pork and steam. No seasoning needed as salt was already added into the paste.

After Xav turns one year old, I'm more relax about seasoning in his food. But of course in moderation though.

I cooked the Lean Meat with chestnut soup as soup based.


1. Fish Paste
2. Minced meat
3. Shredded Cabbage
4. Egg Tofu
5. Kway Teow

1. Mix the fish paste with mince meat.

2. Put the mixed paste

into a plastic bag and sealed it.
3. Snip off a corner of the plastic bag to make it into a piping bag.
4. Slowly, squeeze bit by bit of the paste into the boilin soup base, making tiny balls.
5. Add in shredded cabbage

and cubed egg tofu

and continue to bring to boil.
6. Add in the desired amount of Kway teow,

bring to boil.

7. Ready to serve.

Not too bad for Xavier who is feeding himself for the first time. His hand and eye coordination is pretty good. First attempt and he managed to place the fork with the meatball into his mouth without missing it. He was sure to be pretty proud of himself !

Next time round, probably I shall try "lao shu fen" instead of kway teow.

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