Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fruity dessert

Recently, had started giving Xav fruits as deesert to compensate the milk which I took away for lunch and dinner. He likes fruits and cold cucumber and he can eat non stop !!

Gave him a bowl of papaya with slice cucumber.

A funny thing he did was, he picked out and finished the cucumber slices first then follow by the papaya !! It was so comical !! I couldn't help but laugh !

Had introduce cherries and strawberries to him too. And he loves 'em !

Berries like strawberries

, raspberries and cherries

offer high levels of vitamin C ― antioxidants which have been shown to help improve memory and prevent cancer.

Strawberries were introduce to him by my dad when we were having lunch @ Tony Romas.

Xav: "Can the leaves be eaten ?"

Here's xav savouring the yummy strawberry.. slurrp ..

This is what happened at home..

Cut him a bowl of strawberries. Initially, he used a fork to poke.

Subsequently, not sure if he was too lazy to do it or simply just wanted a faster way to eat the strawberries, he decided to change to use his hands instead !

Guess, it's much faster !!

Anyway, glad that he snacks on veg and fruits! An healthier choice !!

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