Sunday, July 26, 2009

Edna's Thank you card

Made some Personalised "Thank you" cards for Jo's friends who rendered there helped during the full month celebration. It has been years since I play with my crafts again. Must thank Edna for giving me the chance.

I have always like embossing crafts and it has always been my dream to make a living out of this hobby of mine.

These tools has been with me since secondary school days.. Maybe for about 10 years already and to my surprise my light box is still working !!

This reminded me of staying back in school on Valentines' Day when I was in Sec 2, to work and complete 250 cards by that day, with a buddy of mine for fund raising.

I bought some plain but pearlish envelopes. Then, I embossed some designs on the flap of the envelope.

This is the close up view.

Normally, I will add in colours after embossing. But after these years, the colour palettes have dried up. But the effect without colours still look as great !

If you would like some glitter effect, ti can be done too.

The cards are special and unique in their own way. I had personalised the receiver's name on the card, making it even more special.

And it would not be complete without ribbons !!! Ribbons are a must that I need when I make these cards.

That explains why, you can always find ribbons in my room !!!

This time round, the cards are not fully embossed. I actually used some cute bears stickers from my craft collection to add as designs.

This is a matching E-thank you card for the guests.

For more designs, please view

Update: E-invites service is temporary unavailable.

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