Friday, July 17, 2009

Edna's invitation

Took me two days to come up with this for Princess Edna's full month party.

Jo told me no particular theme but Edna's cake will have some precious moments deco with some flowers. So I decided to come up with this layout. Sweet enough for the little princess? Edna, hope you like this.

Peeps, should you have any intention to do a design for your little one's full month, oe year old birthday bash, or any other occasions. Please feel free to visit our official site for the E-card Service (click here), jointly done up with my partner.

We are encouraging Eco friendly. So we be only charging for the service. When it's done, we will send the soft copy to you and by the convience of one click, you can send the invitation card to all your invited guests via email and thus saving on the stamps and envelopes !

We do print out, using good quality paper as well, in postcard style. Hence, no envelopes will be provided as stamp will be affix on the card itself by sender.

Feel free to drop us a tag for any enquiries.

Update: The E-invitation service is temporary unavailable.

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