Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edna Faith's full month party

In a blink of an eye, four more days and Edna's one month old. Jo must be looking so forward to Edna's growth as days passed.

She had her full month party held on last saturday @ Melville.

The day before, had met up with little Edna and we went for lunch together.

You know, it's kinda a challenge to bring two little fellows out. I was trying to imagine if I had two little ones with me when I helped Jo to carry Edna when she lunched and at the same time, push Xavier in the pram !

Xavier was seriously not his usual self on that day. Not sure if he was pretty excited to see so many people, which I doubt so, because I've been bringing hm out so often! He held onto one red egg for so long that he stained his palm red !! hahaha

Mummy and Xavier fighting over an egg !!

And he did funny things like reverse leopard crawl in front of so many people? Xav, are you showing off ?

After the full month party, we brought Xav back home to rest before going for Caca's birthday bbq celebration @ Pasir Ris Park.

Xavier's first bbq in the park ! And he went around sending sparks to the ladies there!

Here's Janice trying to get a pic taken with Xav ... Failed ...

Tried again ... Successful one !!

As usual, we gotta leave early cos Xav gotta sleep at 8pm. But that evening, we stretch him a little.

Caca, Happy 22nd Birthday in advanced !!

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