Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edna Faith's full month party

In a blink of an eye, four more days and Edna's one month old. Jo must be looking so forward to Edna's growth as days passed.

She had her full month party held on last saturday @ Melville.

The day before, had met up with little Edna and we went for lunch together.

You know, it's kinda a challenge to bring two little fellows out. I was trying to imagine if I had two little ones with me when I helped Jo to carry Edna when she lunched and at the same time, push Xavier in the pram !

Xavier was seriously not his usual self on that day. Not sure if he was pretty excited to see so many people, which I doubt so, because I've been bringing hm out so often! He held onto one red egg for so long that he stained his palm red !! hahaha

Mummy and Xavier fighting over an egg !!

And he did funny things like reverse leopard crawl in front of so many people? Xav, are you showing off ?

After the full month party, we brought Xav back home to rest before going for Caca's birthday bbq celebration @ Pasir Ris Park.

Xavier's first bbq in the park ! And he went around sending sparks to the ladies there!

Here's Janice trying to get a pic taken with Xav ... Failed ...

Tried again ... Successful one !!

As usual, we gotta leave early cos Xav gotta sleep at 8pm. But that evening, we stretch him a little.

Caca, Happy 22nd Birthday in advanced !!

Fruity dessert

Recently, had started giving Xav fruits as deesert to compensate the milk which I took away for lunch and dinner. He likes fruits and cold cucumber and he can eat non stop !!

Gave him a bowl of papaya with slice cucumber.

A funny thing he did was, he picked out and finished the cucumber slices first then follow by the papaya !! It was so comical !! I couldn't help but laugh !

Had introduce cherries and strawberries to him too. And he loves 'em !

Berries like strawberries

, raspberries and cherries

offer high levels of vitamin C ― antioxidants which have been shown to help improve memory and prevent cancer.

Strawberries were introduce to him by my dad when we were having lunch @ Tony Romas.

Xav: "Can the leaves be eaten ?"

Here's xav savouring the yummy strawberry.. slurrp ..

This is what happened at home..

Cut him a bowl of strawberries. Initially, he used a fork to poke.

Subsequently, not sure if he was too lazy to do it or simply just wanted a faster way to eat the strawberries, he decided to change to use his hands instead !

Guess, it's much faster !!

Anyway, glad that he snacks on veg and fruits! An healthier choice !!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Edna's Thank you card

Made some Personalised "Thank you" cards for Jo's friends who rendered there helped during the full month celebration. It has been years since I play with my crafts again. Must thank Edna for giving me the chance.

I have always like embossing crafts and it has always been my dream to make a living out of this hobby of mine.

These tools has been with me since secondary school days.. Maybe for about 10 years already and to my surprise my light box is still working !!

This reminded me of staying back in school on Valentines' Day when I was in Sec 2, to work and complete 250 cards by that day, with a buddy of mine for fund raising.

I bought some plain but pearlish envelopes. Then, I embossed some designs on the flap of the envelope.

This is the close up view.

Normally, I will add in colours after embossing. But after these years, the colour palettes have dried up. But the effect without colours still look as great !

If you would like some glitter effect, ti can be done too.

The cards are special and unique in their own way. I had personalised the receiver's name on the card, making it even more special.

And it would not be complete without ribbons !!! Ribbons are a must that I need when I make these cards.

That explains why, you can always find ribbons in my room !!!

This time round, the cards are not fully embossed. I actually used some cute bears stickers from my craft collection to add as designs.

This is a matching E-thank you card for the guests.

For more designs, please view

Update: E-invites service is temporary unavailable.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Preparation for Full Day Child Care

After having not to work for about 2 years, from the wedding to pregnancy, to delivering Xavier, to be on continuous mode taking care and protecting little Xavier under my wings for the past 16 months, I'm not sure if I should be happy to go back to the work force.

On one hand, I wanted more financial freedom... you know I hate it to ask money from dear dear to buy my stuff. Secondly, I wanted Xavier to learn independance,learn and make friends in school, for he can't possibly face me everyday and there is a limit to what I can teach him too.

You see, on the other hand is like teaching him independance and letting him learn to leave my side as he grows day by day. It's easy for Xavier to get used to the separation anxiety but harder for me I guess.

Especially now, he understands simple instructions and best of all, I definately miss his smiles and kisses.

I am really feeling kind of sad when I wrote this. When did I ever get so emotional boi... only Xav has the power.

Anyway, will be preparing the list below for the teachers to take note for Xavier so as to make things easier for them to help to settle Xavier down into the new environment.

Xavier as of 16 months:

Daily Routine:
6 am - wakes
6.30 to 7am - Breakfast
7.15 am to 8.30 am - Morning walk
8.45 am to 9 am - Shower time (Bubble time)
9 to 10 am - Show time (Your baby can read )
10.15 am to 12 pm - Nap time
12.30 to 1 pm - Lunch time
1.15 pm to 3.30 pm - Free play
3.45 pm to 5.15 pm - Noon nap
5.30 pm to 6 pm - Dinner
6.45pm to 7 pm - Shower time
7.45 pm to 8 pm - Milk time
8.15 pm - Lights out

1. Knows how to self feed for solid finger food, using fork to poke on the fruits etc.

Uses his hands at times ..

Enjoying his strawberry .. slurrp..

2. Meals are taken either on chair,

high chair or stroller.
3. No milk required after lunch and dinner.
4. Intake of milk: 120ml during breakfast and 240ml before bed time.
5. Has wean off bottles. He is now taking milk from straw cups during breakfast and last feed. I have not been washing any teats for the pas 2 weeks ! Well done, Xavier !

6. Water will normally be given to him after meals. During meals only when food is too dry. His own language for water is "ber ber" to indicate he wants to drink.

Types of food:
1. Full grains, bit sized food. From porridge, pasta, vermicelli, noodles like kway teow, macaroni etc

1. To make him move his butt to the shower room, have to say "Bubble time or shower time"
2. Bathe using shower head and he definately loves it !

Bubbles time !!!

Covered with bubbles.. bubbles.. bubbles ...

3. Using GAIA, soap free products for his eczemna.
4. Apply moisturising cream three times daily at affected areas or when needed.

1. Every morning will sit on the potty and pass motion. Sometimes, he will pat on the diaper to indicate that he had passed motion and need a change.
2. Normally will poo either in morning or lunch.
3. Diapers to change every 3-4 hourly, depending on his fluid intake.

1. At home normally, rolls himself to sleep with me by the side. Occupies quite a big area when rolling.
2. Alternatively, sleeps in pram when pram is being push or rock.
3. If cranky, singing songs to him will help soothe him. He likes "My bonnie lies over the ocean .. my bonnie lies over the sea... " This song helps when he is too distracted in pram when I bring him out.
4. Prefers to hug his bolster when he sleeps.

If routine is followed well, his crankiness could only mean he is either sleepy or thirsty. No others of cos not to exclude the fact that he is looking for me when I MIA.

Gonna start his playgroup next week. Shall accompany and help him get adjusted to the second home he's gonna have =)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Doubled boiled Papaya & Snow Fungus Soup

Had made this dessert for Xavier to nourish his lungs after he recovered from his bad cough.

The vitamins packed papaya promotes healthy metabolism while offering anti-aging benefits. Rock sugar can be used too which is sweet in flavour and mild in nature. It is said to moisten the lungs, strengthens the spleen, helps restore vital energy circulation and is good for digestion.

Snow Fungus also nourishes the lungs, soothes coughs and is a good source of collagen.

Have added the Sweet and bitter almonds that can heals cough and expels phlegm.

1. Papaya
2. Snow fungus
3. Sweet and bitter almonds
4. Cane sugar

1. Soak the white fungus in cold water. (Take note, they will expand in size after soaking.)
2. Cut and deseed the papaya
3. Put everything into the pot and boil. (I double boiled the dessert for 1 hour)
4. Add in desire amount of cane sugar to taste

It can be served warm or chilled.

Outing @ Esplanade

Xavier's first visit to the Esplanade with Olivier and mummy! Had arranged for a meet up session with the ladies.

While waiting for Mummy Violet and Olivier, Xav was already roaming around in and outside of Esplanade.

& here's Xavier with his favourite Singa !! He never fails to point it out to me whenever we pass by !!

He heard someone using the mobile phone behind and he went straight to cover his ears to imitate talking on the phone !!

"Hey Singa, did you hear me earlier when I was talking to you? "

Quite a nice place to bring the kids to. Indoor for them incase of rainy season, else they can run freely at the open area, without having to worry about any traffic.

Met Mummy Violet and Olivier for the first time.

How cute the kids were ! Hugging each other the first time they met each other ! Here comes friendly Xavier, giving Olivier a big hug !!

Exchanging bottles for keepsake ?! Or greedy Xavier wants all to himself !

lol.. As if they were up to some discussion ! Aren't they cute !

Xav: "Can I keep the bottle, please ? "

"Pleeeease... ... hee ...... "

Catch Xavier performing in the Journey to the West ! Looks like his poster heh !

Ended the day after having a nice chat with Mummy Violet and Sharon who joined us later and Xav slept for 2 long hours for his noon nap.. shag out from all his running !! hahahahha ... conclusion to make them sleep better .. engage them in more physical activities. Let'em run !!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Edna's invitation

Took me two days to come up with this for Princess Edna's full month party.

Jo told me no particular theme but Edna's cake will have some precious moments deco with some flowers. So I decided to come up with this layout. Sweet enough for the little princess? Edna, hope you like this.

Peeps, should you have any intention to do a design for your little one's full month, oe year old birthday bash, or any other occasions. Please feel free to visit our official site for the E-card Service (click here), jointly done up with my partner.

We are encouraging Eco friendly. So we be only charging for the service. When it's done, we will send the soft copy to you and by the convience of one click, you can send the invitation card to all your invited guests via email and thus saving on the stamps and envelopes !

We do print out, using good quality paper as well, in postcard style. Hence, no envelopes will be provided as stamp will be affix on the card itself by sender.

Feel free to drop us a tag for any enquiries.

Update: The E-invitation service is temporary unavailable.

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