Monday, June 22, 2009

Rainbow vegetables - stock

I got this Rainbow vegetables stock from Little Gastronomy But I added in carrots on my own =)

I used the stock to cook porridge for Xavier, probably it tastes better. He finished up all his meals.


1. 1 Red Capsicum (Removed seeds and stalk)
2. 5 Water Chestnuts (Wash and peel)
3. A handful Sugar Beans (I slit the beans though)
4. 1 Sweet Corn (Cut into 3 big chunks)
5. 8 cloves Garlic (Remove skin)
6. 1 carrot (not shown in pic ... )
7. 2 liters Clean Tap Water


1. I threw all into the pressure cooker and cook for 30 mins.
2. Cool the stock, placed in plastics bags or cubes and freeze (up to 2 weeks)

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