Friday, June 19, 2009

The Little Gym ~ Birds Class

This is a summary of the Birds Class @ The Little Gym, which Xav has attended for the past 10 weeks.

Just for my own records incase I forget.. hee.. One term consists of 10 sessions plus a one and a half hour free camp at the end of the term costs $400.90.

We were glad that Xav enjoyed every session of the class. You could tell from his smiles and how carefree he was running around the gym. I would say, he gained alot of confidence from attending the gym classes. You will know why after this posting.

Trying out at the various stations like the crawl through tunnel,

Slowly making his way up the ramp ..

"Is my head touching the top ?"

Watch Xavier hold onto the bar. He could hold onto it without support for about 3 seconds.

Doing a turn on the bar with the guidance of the instructor. Xavier, are you ready ?

On the bar ...

Done with it !!

"I'm going to make my way to climb up the higher platform"

By the balancing beam ..

Trying to walk in a straight line.

Daddy .. Mummy...i'm beat ....

sing along sessions,

sometimes using sticks as well to train their eye hand coordination,

and of course his all time favourite, the parachute !!!

Ball time !! This is to train their hand and fingers coordination on grabbing the ball.

It's time to keep the balls away .. the balls away ...

Plus the bubbles play at the end of each class which can also train their eye hand coordination.

Here's one of the rolling activities on the barrel.

Forward rolls were his favourites as well!

Catch Xavier played "Slam Dunk" !

The instructor giving out the little pressie to the kids..

Xavie's exploring his new gift.. hee

Guess what did Xavier learnt from the class, apart from building up his confidence.. One good point was, whenever he hears me sing "It's time to play with the bubbles today ... " or any other action or task which I want him to do, he knew that ooh... it's time to do this .. and would gladly follow me.

Second point is, he associates the towels and blanket with his favourtite parachute.. hahahaha

The walking towel !!! If you have yet get to see one !

He just simply loves walking around with something on his head !

I will always lure him under the blanket when he gets cranky with my "Twinkle Twinkle Little Starz ... ..." and ABC Song.

It makes Xavier really happy !!

and when I uncover the blanket for fear that it gets too stuffy, the silly boy gets upset and will be on smiles again when I cover it back ! hah !

Anyway, dear dear and I feel that he is too active for anymore gym classes. Hence, we decided not to sign up for the next term but enrol him in other courses instead.


seahan said...

looks like the standard obstacle course we go in army haaa.. mini version w daddy's help ~so fun~
no wonder always flapping his arms hahaaaa
buy him a hooded towel n let him walk ard w it LOL

xavvy said...

lol.. I'm going to do that !!Checking out some cute hooded towels!

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