Monday, June 22, 2009

Go Go Bambibi !!

Had made a last minute decision to bring the boys to Go Go Bambibi @ Demsey Road with Esther and Delia.

Free entry for adults while Kids ar at $5 each. Remember to bring a pair of socks if you're going. Else, each pair will be charged at $3.

Xavier was so happy

and excited that he did not even wait for me. He ran off into the playground on his own despite having so many older kids running and screaming around. Probably, he thought that he was once again in the gym where he can have all the fun he wants!

He climbed over the mini rainbow himself the minute he saw it!

And he tried to climb up this by himself. I gave him a little push though as the gaps in between are too wide.

Xav came to this netted tunnel but hesitate for a moment to go in. Probably he saw the holes in the net and felt insecure. I guided him to take a step in.

After having second thoughts he came out! hahaha ...

Then, made his way to climb up to the third level of the playground. This time, he climbed it up himself. Of course, I standby behind him incase he falls back.

Had this rolling pin. Imagine I got to squeeze myself through this to catch up with Xavier.

This time round, Xavier managed to make his way through the tunnel as he balances himself ...

Fun with the balls !

& he joined the boys at the ball pool in the cafe.

Here's Owen posing at the camera.

Elliot can't make up his mind which colour ball he wanted !!

Here's Tweety Xavier! The boy is expecting his top right incisor, the whole day if he is not engaged, he will show up in his tweety bird mouth.

We had fun playing catching and peek-a-boo at this rotating door !

"Let me peep.. where's mummy "

"Am I that tall ?"
"How do I climb up there ... ..."

Xav played for about 2 hours before I pull him away to cool himself down for his nap else he might get over stimulated.

We ended our day feeding the boys their dinner @ Bens & Jerry, chilling over a cup of tea. In the end, think it's the mummies who were even more burn out !

Nevertheless, it was fun. Hope that dear dear can join us the next time.


seahan said...

he is very happy!!!! so fun! iw anna go also

xavvy said...

hahaa .. next time Edna can join in !!!!

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