Friday, June 5, 2009

Day out with Pepper @ ECP

Thanks to Kel, making time out to bring Pepper out, so as to allow Xavier to get expose to animals. Here's good old Pepper !!

He even allowed Xav to sit on his back without retaliating !

Finally !! Xav responded to Pepper's presence ! He only went touch Pepper's nose once when we were in the car. He was not scared but rather NOT INTERESTED at all !!

and I finally caught Xav squatting ! It's pretty hard to catch him on the cam when he squats as he doesn't do it often !

I looked at these pics below and I was telling Jo, how different Xavier looks now as compared to one year ago. I realised, he has really grown ..

But funny enough, Xavier seems to like cats more than dogs. I brought him down for a morning walk one day and he was so excited when the cat came to smell his feet. He was giggling and laughing away!

This sat, shall go for a catz party @ Sharon's place ! Stay tuned !

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