Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carrots, tomatoes & potatoes (ABC) Soup

I cooked this for our lunch. Ironically, this soup was known as ABC Soup to me since young.

After boiling the soup, I used the soup base to steam rice for Xavier.

1. Potatoes halved
2. Tomatoes halved
3. Onions quartered
4. Carrots chopped into bit size
5. wolfberries

This is Xavier's meal for the day. Steam rice with mixed vegetables from the soup and stirred fried fish slices with baby spinach.

Ingredients for Stir Fried Fish Slice:
1. Threadfin slices
2. Baby Spinach
3. Garlic Spread

He saw something new at last !! hahaha.. He pointed to what he wanted to eat. Nowadays, he needs to see what he is eating !

And he would prefer to be fed by the adult spoon and chopsticks.

And I'm lucky enough to catch him signing "More please". I have been teaching him this sign for the past one month. This was taught by Sharon who taught Julian this method, which is easier than pointing 5 fingers of both hands together.

I'm not sure if Xavier had understand the meaning of this sign. But I'm sure he knows when he hears me saying "More please" he will do it and show me.

Some other days, I will prepare one side dish to go with his porridge. I have also tried Steam Egg with chopped vegetables.

A nice way to make the boy eat vegetables since everything is mixed into the egg!

1. One egg
2. Chopped vegetables
3. Water (To mix into the egg)
4. Seasoning of pepper, a little soy sauce and Sesame oil to drizzle on the cooked egg.

1. Mix and beat one egg with the seasoning and a bit of water.
2. Mix in the vegetables
3. Boil water and steam over low heat.
4. Drizzle Sesame oil and steam for another minute and serve.

Sometimes, I will stir fried Egg Tofu with shredded carrots and chopped vegetables.

Methods are all similar to the above stirred fried dishes. Just add what you wish the baby to eat.

Infact the ingredients for this porridge with chicken meat balls is the same as what he took for his porridge.

Just that instead of stirring and mixing in the minced chix. I mixed vegetables and carrots into the minced meat and make them into balls.

You see it? It's something different again for the little ones !


karlsfoodie said...

haa new plate!!!!

Serene said...

hahahhahaa.. it's your plate !!!

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