Sunday, June 28, 2009

3D2N stay at TMC Chalet

Poor little Xavier's condition did not get any better. He was running a fever and bad cough since sat and I brought him to the PD on the following Monday.

Given antibiotics (Klacid) still did not managed to bring down his fever and he continued with his bad cough.

Back for the review on thursday and Dr Ong was saying poor boy was wheezing and need to be admitted for Acute bronchitis. To tell the truth, my mind is more at ease when I was told that he needs to be admitted.

Pardon me for the poor resolution, think I need a better camera phone!

Exploring his new bed.

Then, he was pulled away to be put on the antibiotics drip. Poor boy, they poked him twice on the left hand but could not find his veins. So there it goes, having the drip needle on his right.

Got him his favourite bolster to give extra comfort.

He got his left hand bandage up as well to prevent him from pulling out the needle on the right.

Luckily we brought a pram along. He slept in it sometimes when he was too tired and also when it's time to put on the neubaliser.

Pretty useful when the room is too noisy, I will push him out and sleep outside.

He knew he is recovering and going to get discharge !

He did his last session of neubaliser till he fell asleep.

This was how we settled X down during his neubaliser session.

However, during the stay, Xavier got frightened of the nurses. He associates them with pain and needles. This had resulted him to feel so insecure that he wanted and allowed only me and dear dear to carry him. No no to other people.

Hope he can regain back the confidence in letting others carry just like the way he used to be.

Tuesday, we shall go back for his review. Hope that his phlegm gets more clear up by then. Hugs to Xavier ... ...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Dinner

We went for an early celebration for Father's Day on friday to avoid the crowd on weekend.

Before that, we brought Xav for a swim in the morning. Here's like a little adult in these two pics.

He got new tricks again. This time round, he kept wanting to try to drink the water in the pool. Funny fellow

Satisfied try ...

And I caught this cheeky expression.

No wonder X bites ... hahhahaha ...

We went to BBQ Chicken @ Downtown East. Here's Xavier waiting for us to place our orders.

He's up to no good again ..

Recently, he has a habit at restaurants and that is putting the menu over his head and play peek a boo with me. Something that he associates the parachute and the blanket over his head. Can be quite a funny sight !

The feast starts !!

I had always imagine Xavier carrying his drinking bottle. That day, I sling over him and he walked like a little student !! hahahaha

" Thank you Yiyi for ordering mash potatoe for me"

But that very next morning on sat, Xavier started to run a fever and having bad cough (Those barking sound like the last time he had mild bronchitis). But can tell, it's worse this time.

Had a hard time making sure Xav doesn't go and peel off the cooling pad ..

He is forever so active even when he is sick.

and he knows .. When I say "Xav, ti-ti, take temperature .. He will automatically put the thermomter at his ear ! He could have got used to it already as we have to take several times a day.

On sunday night, Xav's temperature went as high as 39.1 degree cel. The following monday, we brought him to Dr Ong.

Dr Ong said he was wheezing and needed to be put on the neubaliser for three days, on ever 4 hourly. The first dosage done at the clinic, it was like ... ... battle.. He was screaming his lungs out! He feared the "monster" mask !

And he totally did not want me at all after the session of a short 8 mins. He wanted dear dear to carry despite halfway through the process, dear was the one who held onto the mask on him.

Here's how we did it at home. We switched on the tv with his favourite show and sat him in his pram.

He struggled a bit initially. Slowly, he got used to it. I asked him to touch the mask after the session. He simple just shoved the "Monster" Mask away.

After the neubaliser session, he continued watching the remaining show in his pram.

And I placed him into the big paper bag !! hahaha.. Fits him just nice !

The walking paper bag... ...

After days of disturbed sleep .. Look at his eye bag ..

His fever is still here despite having been on antibiotics since monday. Hopefully, I can find out what is actually wrong with him when I bring him for review tomorrow.

It really pain my heart to see him for sick. Sometimes can leave us feeling so helpless. Hope Xavier recovers soon and in time for our anniversary trip !

Monday, June 22, 2009

Go Go Bambibi !!

Had made a last minute decision to bring the boys to Go Go Bambibi @ Demsey Road with Esther and Delia.

Free entry for adults while Kids ar at $5 each. Remember to bring a pair of socks if you're going. Else, each pair will be charged at $3.

Xavier was so happy

and excited that he did not even wait for me. He ran off into the playground on his own despite having so many older kids running and screaming around. Probably, he thought that he was once again in the gym where he can have all the fun he wants!

He climbed over the mini rainbow himself the minute he saw it!

And he tried to climb up this by himself. I gave him a little push though as the gaps in between are too wide.

Xav came to this netted tunnel but hesitate for a moment to go in. Probably he saw the holes in the net and felt insecure. I guided him to take a step in.

After having second thoughts he came out! hahaha ...

Then, made his way to climb up to the third level of the playground. This time, he climbed it up himself. Of course, I standby behind him incase he falls back.

Had this rolling pin. Imagine I got to squeeze myself through this to catch up with Xavier.

This time round, Xavier managed to make his way through the tunnel as he balances himself ...

Fun with the balls !

& he joined the boys at the ball pool in the cafe.

Here's Owen posing at the camera.

Elliot can't make up his mind which colour ball he wanted !!

Here's Tweety Xavier! The boy is expecting his top right incisor, the whole day if he is not engaged, he will show up in his tweety bird mouth.

We had fun playing catching and peek-a-boo at this rotating door !

"Let me peep.. where's mummy "

"Am I that tall ?"
"How do I climb up there ... ..."

Xav played for about 2 hours before I pull him away to cool himself down for his nap else he might get over stimulated.

We ended our day feeding the boys their dinner @ Bens & Jerry, chilling over a cup of tea. In the end, think it's the mummies who were even more burn out !

Nevertheless, it was fun. Hope that dear dear can join us the next time.
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