Monday, May 11, 2009

Pasta with apple sauce & brocolli and egg

Bought this packet of pasta @ Carrefour.

Sort of cute ! Just nice for boys with the little pastas in aeroplanes, cars and trains shapes.

Probably he doesn't know how to apreciate them now as I'm still feeding him myself.

1. Pastas
2. Brocolli (Cut into bit szie)
3. Carrots (Slice into bit size)
4. One egg
5. One apple
6. Formula Milk powder

1. Boil the pastas with the sliced carrots
2. Drain the pastas and carrots
3. Boil one hard boil egg, removed the shell and diced up the egg

4. Blend one apple together with 60 ml of formula milk.
5. Pour the apple sauce over the brocolli and steam till soft.

Together with the cubed hard boil egg, pour the sauce over the pasta and serve.

This dish makes good chewing food. Pastas are neither too hard nor soft and encourages chewing. Xavier loves this but I need to cut up the pastas by halves. Too big for his tiny mouth !! Heee...

Suitable for 12 months and above.

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