Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day photoshoot @ Studioloft

4th May 2009 ~ Yippee !! Another photo taking session with Dear dear and Xavier for the Mother's Day! hahahaha.. Consider this my first Mother's Day celebration !!

This time round, it's even more fun to take group pictures together with Delia & Lil' Elliot as well as Sharon & Lil' Julian.

It was tiring but seriously fun for us to take with the little ones. It's so hard to capture the attention of the lil' buds to focus on the lens. It's either they became too engross in playing with the toy trucks or simply, they just want to walk off on their own !! Among all the 45 shots, think only can find 10 shots which are so called "acceptable". Hard to find a purrfect one ....

Selecting photos was another tough stage. This time round instead of choosing 4. Dear dear chose 14 !! A move which surprises me .. heee.. Anyway, we just love the pics ! These are the two which I like most.

Here are the rest ...

Some whacky pics !!

and this was chosen to be designed as the Magazine cover.

I took up the Naturally Beautiful package @ $50, which is inclusive of the following:
- 20 mins Studio shoot
- 4 edited shots of your choice (full resolution softcopy, no prints)
- 1 magazine cover design
- up to family of 5 BUT focus is on the mummy
- no solo shots of other family members

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