Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fish porridge with french beans and pumpkin

Recently, I introduce french beans into Xavier's porridge, as I realised he keeps wanting to eat our food and also partly I realised he prefer more texture food and started to chew more.

French beans remain soft and was as crunchy even after I boil together with the porridge. This time, I cook the porridge with lesser water to make it less watery.

Here's fish porrdge with french beans and pumpkin... Looks pretty colourful.

Was reminded that the more colourful the food is, represented the different kinds of nutrients in the food. So I try to make Xavier's food as colourful as I can !! hahahaa.. So that it looks nice to eat and rich in nutrients.

1. Red grouper fish fillet
2. Wolf Berries
3. French beans
4. Pumpkin

1. Slice the red grouper fillet.
2. Thinly slice the frech beans
3. Cut pumpkin into bit size
4. Cook the porridge, wolf berries and french beans together. Pour in the pumpkin and boil till soft.
5. Add in the fish slice at the end and serve !

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