Monday, May 11, 2009

Brown rice vermicelli with mixed vegetables

This is yet another new dish which I cooked for lil' Xav. Prob I'm sick of preparing porridge everyday. Might as well try something new to cook and something new which he can try.

Bought a pack of Brown Rice Vermicelli from NTUC.

A healthier choice as compare to the normal vermicelli. This is not salty yet nutritious.

1. White baits (for stock)
2. Diced pumpkin, carrots and brocolli

3. One handful of BR vermicelli

1. Soak the vermicelli into a bowl of water to soften it.
2. Use a handful of white baits to make stock, bring to boil.
3. Put in the diced veg, bring to boil and simmer.
4. Add in the vermicelli at the last.
5. Serve it hot !

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