Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1st Swim in public pool !

On Monday, Xavier had his 1st swim @ Bedok Swimming Complex. Just nice for him, the water was not too cold.

Finally, the Confidence Swimwear which I bought for him came into use !

I would recommend this swimwear. Firstly, it's supposed to help keep the body of the little one warm even though they are in water for long. Secondly, I realised it has bouyancy. It helps to keep the child floating if every they fell face down into the water, which was what happened to Xavier. And there, he had his first gulp of chlorine !

This is Xavier's first time in the pool and he looked seriously lost initially. He didn't dare to even move.

Just stayed at the same spot and splash water with his hands. What a funny sight !

After warming up, he started to strut on his own.

Slowly, he made his way down a step with daddy's help!

This was after hehad his first gulp of chlorine ! Lost for a moment..

then, his sad face came .... hahahhaaa...

Daddy, then distract him from what happened and he forgot about it.

Going deeper and deeper ...

Xavier's froggie side kick !

Catch the killer smile !

Xavier and Daddy

One with mummy before going for shower..

Time to go home !! We shall be back again when daddy's on off !! This time, we'll be back with a big blue rhino !!

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