Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sea coconut with Grass Jelly Dessert

After attending Elliot's party, the dessert from Angeli was never off my mind. I had wanted so much to try and make myself and finally I made myself to go and buy the ingredients. Quite an easy dessert to make and yummy, definately cooling under a hot sunny day !! Here's the sea coconut with grass jelly. the lemon and lime gives a tangy feeling.. Ssshiok !!

1. One can of sea coconut (I used Mili brand)
2. One yellow lemon
3. One handful of lime
4. One packet of chin chow grass jelly

1. Sliced half a yellow lemon.
2. Wash a handful of lime and cut into halves
3. Cube the grass jelly
4. Mixed everything together and fridge or alternatively add ice or water to lessen the sweetness.
5. Serve chilled

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Happy eating !

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