Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Party month !!

March and April is PARTY Month !! Almost every week, there will be
birthday bash for the individual little ones!!

Apologies to Kaylen, Zhiyan and Elliot as little Xavier is down with mild fever, hence, he gotta be grounded at home. I went to attend the parties on Xav's behalf while daddy kept him accompany at home !

Here's one with Elliot's mummy with the nicely done up tree sculptures for the Jungle theme party !

On the 5th April '09 @ Radin Mas Community Club, was Luann's party, she had a Pooh Bear theme pary. We wore a hoodie suit together ! Check out the blue and white riding hood appearing in the woods of Bedok South Ave 2 !!

Followed by Justin's party at his royal castle and Kayla's party at Megu, Singapore Flyer on 12th April '09.

Justin had a Prince theme and it's so nice to have the kids to decorate their own cuppies

Some candid shots of Xav..

While Kayla had a Micky Mouse theme. Here's Xavier Mickey !

Xavier's exploring the party favours..

He was sure enjoying the mascots and had even wanted Minnie Mouse to carry him ! Infact to tell the truth, the mummies were more excited than the babies upon seeing the msscots !! Hahahahaa....

Here's one with Amy, Yanyan, Angel, Dana, me and Xavier ....

The rest of us got the cameras wrong!! Only Byron and Elliot got it !

Here's one with the pretty birthday girl !

Cheers !! A group pic of the handsome daddies, beautiful mummies and the cutie babies !!

After the parties, we headed for Bugis Junction to meet up with Jo for some tea & shopping

and had dinner with dad & mum! Here's little Xavier trying out the car !

Getting pretty excited !!

Vroom vrooom ......

Saw Jayden with his daddy and mummy @ the fountain.

I was thrilled when I told Xavier to give a hug to Jayden, guess what he did.. He gave a head butt to Jayden as a form of saying "Hi" and followed by he wanted to plant a kiss on Jayden's face ! So sweet !!!

After that, we went to Ajisen for dinner. Recently, little Xavier has hanged out at Sushi Tei, Ajisen and Waraku. And he likes Chawanmushi ! He always had his fair share when we dines there. He loves udon too ! Here's Xav waiting for his Udon !

Entertaining himself with his Eeyore

After a nice dinner, it' shopping time again !

Alright folks, let's call it a day ! Good night ! Hope I can find more time to blog more on Xavier.. His photos are increasing but only a partial is being developed...

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