Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frogleg with ginger slice porridge

Finally, I get to prepare frogleg porridge for Xavier. This can also display the scaredy cat nature in me. Guess what !! I almost freak out when my mil told me that she bought the whole frog !! I was like replying.. erm... can I have just the legs ? hahahaha... She had then kindly chopped up the limbs for me. Sounds gross right !!! I do not dare to touch the legs although it was already skinned and deboned.

How I washed it?! I washed them in a plastic bag, under running tap. Drain away the water, pour the legs onto a plate, rinse again and I just blanch with boiling water and all straight into he pressure cooker with the porridge.

1. 1 pair of froglegs
2. Few ginger slices
3. Potato
4. Shredded vege (optional)

And out came the nice tender frogleg porridge !

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