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Hong Kong Trip ~ 23rd - 28th Feb 2009

Finally, I have completed the sumary of what we did during the 6 days stay in Hong Kong. It's very lengthy, do take your time to slowly read. Those of you who are planning to go Hong Kong, hope the little information here can help =)

Day 1

We set and left for Hong Kong on 23rd Feb morning as early as 6.45am. Xavier somehow knows that he was going overseas and was kind of excited. He woke at 7am, an hour earlier than his usual wake time. Of cos this had resulted in a cranky baby following on as he was tired and his lunch was delayed as the arrival time in Hong Kong had coincide with his lunch time.

This is Xavier's seat on the plane. A $300 plus for a bassinet.. hee..

He almost could not fit in due to his height, but he still managed to nap in it for about half an hour to 45 mins.

Dear dear and I took a quick snap when Xavier's asleep !!

Xavier was happily playing in the bassinet after he woke up.

Subsequently, uses his charm to get the air stewardess to carry him and got himself an apple to chew on !!

Finally, Xavier managed to have his lunch after the plane touched down in Hong Kong.

We proceeded to our Hotel (Kowloon) to unload our luggage. This is the location of our Hotel (Stanford Hotel),

The hotel is situated near to the bustling streets and shopping areas. All are within walking distance.

1. Ladies' Market in Tung Choi Street is the place for bags, accessories and inexpensive women's clothing. Men's and children's clothing and toys are also on sale.

Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon (MTR Mongkok Station Exit E2)
noon – 11:30pm

2. Sportswear Street (Fa Yuen Street)
Known as "Sportswear Street" where you can find all trendy sportswear and equipment shops along the street.

Junction of Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon (MTR Mong Kok Station Exit D3 and walk along Argyle Street for 3 minutes)
11am – 9:30pm

I bought a pair of Black Puma sneakers with red lace design plus some crystal studs at both the front and back. (Load pics later)

This is dear dear's favourite "Yu Dan" aka Fishball. He can eat up to 30 in a day.

Look how happy he can be !!

Another of dear dear's favourite, ICE CREAM !! In the cooling and cold weather, we can eat two consecutively at one time. Simply yummy... Rich yet not too sweet.

The guys enjoying the ice cream... Sluurrp....

Coincidently, the three of us wore the same colour for our tops and bottoms unknowingly !! Here's one taken in the vicinity of Mong Kok.

While the guys went shopping for their toys, we ladies went to fill up our tummies with desserts from "Xu Liu Shan". My favourites !!!

Yummy X.O carrot cake

This place sells Ginger milk pudding.

It's amazing !! The liquid milk mixture straight away harden to become beancurd texture when it's pour and combined with ginger juice. There is a variety of flavours as shown in the menu.

This is the bowl of yummy steam milk pudding. It has a powdery texture after tasting it. Probably they used milk powder instead of fresh milk.

Below is another all time favourite steam milk puudding. But they use fresh milk instead. Hence, the pudding taste smoother. I would prefer Yee Shun's steamed egg as compare to the above.

Yee Shun Milk Company

This is a definately a MUST EAT when you visit Hong Kong. It specialises in the follwing:
1. Steamed milk with Ginger Juice
2. Steamed Egg
3. Steamed milk in two films
4. Cold milk with papaya juice.

I simply fell in love with the steamed egg, it's really super yummy and we could actually visit the outlets twice a day just to eat this yummy dessert.

This is part of the menu

Address as follows:
G/F 513 Nathan Road Yanmati Kln
G/F 246-248 Sai Yeung Choi Street South Kowloon
G/F 506 Lockhart Road Causeway Bay

Spotted this at the bottom of the menu. Patrons who go into the cafe and occupy the seats and tables without ordering their food, a charge of HK$10 will be imposed.

Day 2

We had our breakfast at Tsui Wah restaurant.

There are many outlets for this restaurant. But we went to the one located at Tsim Sha Tsui as it was nearer to our hotel.

G/F & Cockloft 2 carnarvon Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln. Tel: 23668250

This restaurant serves delicious "Hor Bao Dan" (Cantonese)

"Nai You Zhu Zai Bao"

Satay Beef Vermicelli in soup, "Xue Li Cha" ~ Pear Drink etc. There are still alot of yummy dishes.

Here's little Xavier joining us for breakfast !!

Here's how Xavier went around shopping with us.. sitting on daddy's shoulder.. he kinda enjoyed it...

while I was busy shopping from shops to shop (in a zig zag manner), I caught the father and son waiting for under a shade along the street.. poor thing heh

We hopped into one of the cafe to have our lunch. Their Char siew really taste different, be it from anywhere, it tastes really yummy !! We ordered a plate of roasted goose with Char Siew for lunch..

And continue with our shopping. That day,we fed Xavier in the park. It's so hard to find a cafe with an area spacious enough for the pram and of course gotta be one with lesser crowd.

Mummy feeding Xavier his dessert after the porridge.

Yippee !! Xavier has finished everything !!!

Here's Xavier with Fion waiting at the counter when daddy and mummy went to shop for their shoes.

Same expression !?!?

We went back to the hotel to unload our shopping bags before we meet up with our Hong Kong friends. They took us to Sai Kung seafood Street, Hung Kee Seafod Restaurant to have a feast.

It serves real fresh seafood.

Spotted these creatures just outside the restaurant..

I did not managed to take down all the yummy yummy food.. Managed to caught some though..

Here's Xavier with Ah Chung

After the hearty meal, they bought us to the nearby shop for yummy desserts... Sluuurrrp ... Black sesame with beancurd.. Imagine the hot Black Sesame combined with cold beancurd..Shiok !!

Here's one group photo of everyone !! "Sai Kung Sweet Affair "

Day 3

Here's Xavier waiting to go out after having his breakfast. As usual he was glued to the television watching cartoons.

This is the setting up of the stalls along Ladies Street in the morning.. I was wondering don;t they find it troublesome to set up and dismentle everyday ?? Why don't they just leave the settings there overnight.

while waiting for Alvin and Fion, I walked down the street to grab myself a nice, delicious, piping hot & gigantic "Shou tao"

We hopped into one of the cafe to have our breakfast before we set to head for Lantau Island (Hong Kong largest Island).

The two men having serious talk on the way ...

Imagine seeing two men with a pram & holding hands....

MTR Tung Chung Station Exit B and walk 5 minutes to the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal.

Here's Broke Back Mountain (Hong Kong Version), starring Alvin Sim and Don Chua

Ngong Ping 360

The Ngong Ping 360 experience starts at Tung Chung, near the airport, where you board a stunning cable car to ride up a mountainside offering 360-degree views over the sea,

HK International Airport, lush valleys and rugged terrain,

leading up to the awesome Giant Buddha.

Yeah !!! We have reached !!!

Disembark at the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal to explore Ngong Ping Village.

which includes several themed cultural attractions; plus great shopping and dining facilities.

Po Lin Monastery and Giant Buddha Monastery with interesting architecture - open daily 9am-6pm.
The world's tallest outdoor, seated bronze Giant Buddha - open daily 10am-6pm (last admission at 5:30pm).

Vegetarian lunch at Po Lin Monastery. Each person is HK $60 for a meal.

Before we climb up the flight of stairs, better fill up or tummy.

We're getting nearer ...

Look at the awesome scenary behind us !!

We had loads of fun taking pictures in Ngong Ping Village...

Xavier and Fion pretty in pink !!

This is a complete group pic we bought from the souvenier counter.

Day 4

This is a total shopping day. So took lesser pics on that day as we were busy shopping.. But first check out the cheeky Xavier while waiting for us to be ready to go out.

We went to Tai Yuen Street to look around for Xavier's party stuff and party favours.

3. Tai Yuen Street is a paradise for kids who love toys. It houses many toyshops and stalls that offer appealing and often inexpensive children's toys.

Tai Yuen Street, Hong Kong Island (MTR Wan Chai Station Exit A3)
Usually 7am - 7pm

I managed to dig out the one and only Jungle Safari Party bag from the shelves. Bought some animal memo clips, clappers for the party packs favours, cute vegetable cutter in Car design..

a "Happy Birthday" Banner for just $3 SGD with animal prints and it's really long...., a mickey theme ice tray for my new house

And found a steering wheel toy for Xavier !!He was enjoying it in his cot at night!!

4. Ap Liu Street Flea Market

Great bargain-priced new and second-hand electrical devices and electronic products, AV equipment and telecommunications products. Also good for antique watches, old coins and other relics.

Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon (MTR Sham Shui Po Station Exit C2)
Noon – midnight

Day 5
Day 5 seems to be a more emotional day for Xavier. He seemed to be having mood swings boi.. managed to capture a few expression of his..

We went over to Causeway Bay (Tong Lor Wan) for shopping. Make sure you hop by Island Shopping Centre (Besides SOGO). There are alot of small shops in that building. Mainly ladies and Mens Fashion

5. Jardine's Crescent

A long, packed roadside market great for inexpensive clothing, accessories and domestic goods. Tiny stalls have goods tumbling off tables and shelves into shoppers' bags. Many stalls feature hair-related items, bags, women's tops and blouses, fine knits, cellphone accessories and household items, and at the end is a small wet market and flower stalls with very low prices.

Jardine's Crescent, Causway Bay, Hong Kong Island (MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit F)
11am – 9:30pm

6. Goldfish Market
Ensure you have good luck throughout the years with a goldfish bowl from Hong Kong.

Aquariums are popular in Hong Kong because of their perceived luck-bringing quality when properly positioned in the home. Mong Kok's Goldfish Market on nearby Tung Choi Street is a favourite source of supply.

Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon (MTR Prince Edward Station Exit B2, walk along Prince Edward Road West towards the direction of railway station for about 15 minutes)
10:30am – 10pm

7. Cheung Sha Wan Road Fashion Street

Is a great place to pick up the latest fashions at wholesale prices. Most of the shops can be found between Yen Chow Street and Wong Chuk Street. The clothes are over-runs from garment factories in and around Sham Shui Po - with a few rejects thrown in for good measure. Many of the shops are run by fashion-conscious operators who save the best items for Hong Kong boutiques and overseas buyers. All the same, you can still find lots of bargains.

Cheung Sha Wan Road Fashion Street and Apliu Street
1. MTR Sham Shui Po Station Exit C1, and walk to Cheung Sha Wan Road Fashion Street.
2. MTR Sham Shui Po Station Exit C2, and walk to Apliu Street Flea Market.

We spent sbout half a day there before we went to New Town Plaze to meet up the guys for Roasted Pigeon feast !! Yipppeee... Been longing for it since 2 years ago when I came and unable to get to eat it.

Then, we went back to unload all the shopping bags.. weird isn't it, it's always left with the 2nd last day of the trip, and we will always have alot more stuff left to search for and buy !!! hahahahah.. Here's daddy changing the cheeky Xavier !!

We left after unloading our loots and went stright to New Town Plaza and found SNOOPY WORLD in an open park within New Town Plaza. Everywhere you can see Snoopy & friends..

The wheels on the bus goes round and round.. round and round.. round and round..

Roasted Pigeon feast @ Da Wei

Really a big thank you to our friends in Hong Kong for their warm hospitality.

Xavier: Why am I not given the yummy roasted pigeon??!!??

There you go, Xav...

Xavier's yum seng pose !!

Day 6

The last day.. sob sob.. I'm gonna miss the shopping and food here..

I requested to go to Avenue of Stars. Though I have been there before, but this time round was different. we have Xavier here. Wanna bring him there for some phototaking..

8 Avenue of Stars
MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit J, and follow the signs

It's really windy ....

I love this pic of dear dear and Xavier !! Happy peeps !!

Xavier has been cast aside !! Haahaha.. Time for a pic for the both of us.

The trick to make Xavier laughed so happily .... "Peek-a-boo" !!

Our future director !!

Bruce Lee's stunts and Xavier's kick !!

Xavier's new found friend... Big eyes..

Really a big thank you to Ah Chung, he packed two boxes of Hong Kong's famous roast goose meat from "Yung Kee" and brought it down for us so that we can have it on the plane.

We really enjoyed ourselves in Hong Kong. Shall load pics of my loots should I have the time.

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Yum Yum, from your vivid descriptions and pics, it was like yesterday when I was walking down 'women's street' shopping and eating in HK.

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