Sunday, February 22, 2009

Preparation for Hong Kong Trip

I'm getting so excited.. First time gonna bring Xavier for an overseas trip, second time infact, if I were to include Bintan.

This time round, will be bringing more things bcause our little darling is now eating semi solid, so I have to plan for his meals when we reach Hong Kong and of course as well as his meals durng the flight. No doubt they do standby Jar food for babies. But I still prefer fresh food or him.

Let's take a look on what I have packed for his meals. We went to buy a few boxes of Pigeon Instant baby porridge. It's really instant as it only took 2-3 mins to prepare and it's ready to serve. Most importantly, it's really yummy. But I will not let xavier take this everyday as I believe Instant food is not as healthy as eating freshly made food. Just like how adults eat instant noodles. Today, I opened up and try to see if it's really easy to prepare and also to see if Xavier likes it.

This is how it looks in a box.

Simply just submerge the sealed packing into boiling hot water for about 2-3 mins and peal off the packing, mixed the two packs to and you're ready to eat.

I actually cook some plain porridge to add in to the mixture as the amount does not give me the amount that Xavier takes for his meals.

Guess what, Xavier gobbled down all !

Follow by the rest of the food preparation for the next 5 days in Hong Kong. I have packed the daily meal portion into zip lock bag. Hopefully, I can buy some minced meat in the supermarts if not little xavier has to go vegetarian for a week.

Dry food: Rice grains, Wolfberries and rolled oats.

These are the vegetables : Sweet potato, Cauliflower, Onions and of course not forgetting the "Miracle powder" hahahaha..... Ikan Bilis powder

As for cooking, Sis Jo lent me her brand new Toyomi travel cooker. Thanks Sis !! I have tried to use that to cook . It took about an hour to cook the porridge with the ingredients and it's light and compact, plus the porridge does not over boil or spill out. It's kind of a gentle boil.

Guess, this should be all for his food. All the rest would be his clothing, medication, hankies and bibs...

Looking foward to tomoorow !! YEAH !! Hong Kong, here we come !!

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Winter Chew said...

Does the instant porridge taste of MSG?

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