Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's day was "celebrated" together with an additional Xavier. We had a buffet lunch at Hotpot Culture @ Marina Square together with Alvin and Fion. We ate from 12pm to 3.30pm. The ever longest duration we ate for a buffet. Meanwhile Xavier was happily entertaining himself while watching us eat. Here's Xav with Fion Guess what, Xavier was offered a cup of nice vanilla ice-cream by the waiter. He's quite funny though when we were like jokingly pastering him for free flow of Ice tea and we were liek telling him that Alvin and Don are a pair and Xav is their child,meanwhile me and Fion are their maid !! Had a good laugh over lunch. Not to miss out the advertisment by Alvin of course for Sunkist oranges. After the lunch, we brought Xav to forum. Thank you Dolly for bringing us in for the Little Birds Trial. Xav had attended the Bugs Trial before. I was thinking that he should be able to appreciate the class more by now that he is able to crawl, sit without support and at times free hands when standing or stand with support. He was actually squealing and screaming in delight during the whole of the session. Can tell that he really enjoyed himself, crawling and exploring the different part of the gym. And of course he likes it best when the class ended with the instructor blowing out bubbles to them and he had tried catching the bubbles and bursting them. Shall load the pics in a while..

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