Thursday, February 5, 2009

@ Ashton's birthday party

1st Feb 2009, together with Dear dear, Xavier, Jo and Wg, we attended Ashton's 1 year old party @ Aloha Loyang.

It's nice to catch up with all the aunties and cousins as well as their little darlings.

Here's one with Aunty Irene

Xavier with cousin Lai

Now where's the birthday boy, Ashton ??

Here he is, one shot of him taking his dinner.

While waiting for the party to start, xavier had a fun time watching the bubbles burst and of cos he was trying to catch them as well.

Hers's Jo with Xavier

Ashton's mummy has engaged a balloon sculptor to entertain the older kids

And I got Xavier a bear in his favourite colour

We did not managed to stay for cake cutting as Xavier started to be kinda cranky. Probably, the wind was too strong and made his nose uncomfortable again. Here's me & Xavier with Ashton and mummy Shirley, thanking him for the party pack as well.

Thank you Jo and Wg for sending us back. We are looking forward to more parties in the coming march and april !!

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