Sunday, February 22, 2009

Preparation for Hong Kong Trip

I'm getting so excited.. First time gonna bring Xavier for an overseas trip, second time infact, if I were to include Bintan.

This time round, will be bringing more things bcause our little darling is now eating semi solid, so I have to plan for his meals when we reach Hong Kong and of course as well as his meals durng the flight. No doubt they do standby Jar food for babies. But I still prefer fresh food or him.

Let's take a look on what I have packed for his meals. We went to buy a few boxes of Pigeon Instant baby porridge. It's really instant as it only took 2-3 mins to prepare and it's ready to serve. Most importantly, it's really yummy. But I will not let xavier take this everyday as I believe Instant food is not as healthy as eating freshly made food. Just like how adults eat instant noodles. Today, I opened up and try to see if it's really easy to prepare and also to see if Xavier likes it.

This is how it looks in a box.

Simply just submerge the sealed packing into boiling hot water for about 2-3 mins and peal off the packing, mixed the two packs to and you're ready to eat.

I actually cook some plain porridge to add in to the mixture as the amount does not give me the amount that Xavier takes for his meals.

Guess what, Xavier gobbled down all !

Follow by the rest of the food preparation for the next 5 days in Hong Kong. I have packed the daily meal portion into zip lock bag. Hopefully, I can buy some minced meat in the supermarts if not little xavier has to go vegetarian for a week.

Dry food: Rice grains, Wolfberries and rolled oats.

These are the vegetables : Sweet potato, Cauliflower, Onions and of course not forgetting the "Miracle powder" hahahaha..... Ikan Bilis powder

As for cooking, Sis Jo lent me her brand new Toyomi travel cooker. Thanks Sis !! I have tried to use that to cook . It took about an hour to cook the porridge with the ingredients and it's light and compact, plus the porridge does not over boil or spill out. It's kind of a gentle boil.

Guess, this should be all for his food. All the rest would be his clothing, medication, hankies and bibs...

Looking foward to tomoorow !! YEAH !! Hong Kong, here we come !!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Harvest Field Rolled Oats

This was recommened to me as it is nutritious yet easiy cook. I have tried adding one tablespoon into the pot of cooking porridge and it tastes yummy and yet at the same time emitting a nice aroma.

This can be found in all major NTUC or supermarkets.

I think I shall try to cook up something with this so that I can have the same meal as Xavier.

Ikan Bilis (White bait) powder

Whitebait (also known as silver fish) is rich in calcuim and is good for the development of the baby's bone and teeth.

Make sure you soak the fish in water to remove excessive salt from the fish. Do not feed babies with too much salt as it is damaging to the kidneys.

I bought the white baits from the wholesaler at Bugis. Going for $2.50 - 2.80 per 100g, depending on which store you go to. Sometimes the boss are nice enough to round off the price to the nearest dollar to give a discount. This is cheaper than the market as they are selling $3.80 for 100g.

I got to know that the baits from Japan are more costly as they are less saltish while those from Indonesia are cheaper.

1. Rinse the baits about3-4 times to wash away the salt.
2. Fry them dry, till they turn golden brown. (Oven can be used to dry the baits. Set to 180 degree and toast about 15 mins or till they turned golden brown)

3. Lastly, blend the baits into powder.

Do not belittle the powder, it makes Xavier gobbles down the worst vegetable porridge. The porridge indeed tastes different when the powder is added.

Happy Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's day was "celebrated" together with an additional Xavier. We had a buffet lunch at Hotpot Culture @ Marina Square together with Alvin and Fion. We ate from 12pm to 3.30pm. The ever longest duration we ate for a buffet. Meanwhile Xavier was happily entertaining himself while watching us eat. Here's Xav with Fion Guess what, Xavier was offered a cup of nice vanilla ice-cream by the waiter. He's quite funny though when we were like jokingly pastering him for free flow of Ice tea and we were liek telling him that Alvin and Don are a pair and Xav is their child,meanwhile me and Fion are their maid !! Had a good laugh over lunch. Not to miss out the advertisment by Alvin of course for Sunkist oranges. After the lunch, we brought Xav to forum. Thank you Dolly for bringing us in for the Little Birds Trial. Xav had attended the Bugs Trial before. I was thinking that he should be able to appreciate the class more by now that he is able to crawl, sit without support and at times free hands when standing or stand with support. He was actually squealing and screaming in delight during the whole of the session. Can tell that he really enjoyed himself, crawling and exploring the different part of the gym. And of course he likes it best when the class ended with the instructor blowing out bubbles to them and he had tried catching the bubbles and bursting them. Shall load the pics in a while..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

@ Ashton's birthday party

1st Feb 2009, together with Dear dear, Xavier, Jo and Wg, we attended Ashton's 1 year old party @ Aloha Loyang.

It's nice to catch up with all the aunties and cousins as well as their little darlings.

Here's one with Aunty Irene

Xavier with cousin Lai

Now where's the birthday boy, Ashton ??

Here he is, one shot of him taking his dinner.

While waiting for the party to start, xavier had a fun time watching the bubbles burst and of cos he was trying to catch them as well.

Hers's Jo with Xavier

Ashton's mummy has engaged a balloon sculptor to entertain the older kids

And I got Xavier a bear in his favourite colour

We did not managed to stay for cake cutting as Xavier started to be kinda cranky. Probably, the wind was too strong and made his nose uncomfortable again. Here's me & Xavier with Ashton and mummy Shirley, thanking him for the party pack as well.

Thank you Jo and Wg for sending us back. We are looking forward to more parties in the coming march and april !!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Banana Casing

Sis Jo gave me a banana casing ! Looks cute heh ! Xavier can bring a banana to school the next time without having to squash it. It's pretty handy to use. Here's how it looks like.

Slowly,the other barang barang I bought will come into use pretty soon !!
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