Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy "Niu" Year 2009

Yipee !! This is my second time celebrating Chinese New Year. First time was when I was still squirmming around in mummy's tummy !!

Daddy and mummy prepared this for me. My first ang pows !!

and Daddy prepared this for mummy

1st day of CNY.
Early morning, gong gong and ah mah each gave me an ang pow

and here I am giving them the mandarin oranges to wish them good health !!

Two more to my collection !!!

I wanna try the yummy oranges too !!

Received one from gu-gu

and of cos,the colour red makes me thrilled.

One shot with Auntie and gong gong

After that I was all dressed up to go to por por's house for house visit.

Yi yi gave me a nice and cute red packet.. made me so happy! I was on all smiles !!

I got one ang pow from por por

and it's the orange rolling good times !!

After that, we left for the temple at Middle road before we went home. We call it a day after house visiting at por por's place. Who knows I caught a cold and was sneezing my head off coupled with a running nose...

On the 2nd day of CNY of cos I'm grounded at home with daddy and mummy. We were supposed to be at Jurong to see all my uncles, aunties and cousins.. But my nose is still dripping wet and I kept tearing. This is the sickly me...

But I'm still as playful !! Watch out for the little dracula !!

Flying on an aeroplane... Fly fly ..

Remote controls have always been my favourite chewing objects.. hahahaha

This evening, I had my longest nap. I slept at 7pm all the way to 10.40pm, woke and had my last feed and I continue my sleep all the way to 6am the next day. I guessed I was really tired from the running nose.

3rd day of CNY

Daddy and mumymy brought me to The Kids Clinic to see a doc. I was diagnosed with a common cold and was prescribed with some medication for cold.

I was kinda drowsy after taking the medication. Hopefully, the flu bugs would go away soon. I had missed so many gatherings. Hopefully, I am well soon enough to attend Ashton's birthday party on Sunday.

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