Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xavier's 9 months old

I have officially turned 9 months old !!! Let me show you my achievements till date !!

- I can sit

- I can crawl on all fours

- I can scoot

- I can stand with support

- I can also stand with free hands for 7 seconds (my latest record)

- I have two toothies on my lower gums

- I can say de-de-di (mummy is trying to figure out if I meant to call daddy in this way).. ah brrrr (When I dun want to est my meals).. "hey hey hey" it's what I normally say.

- I am eating full grains now !! (No more puree for me)

- I can roll myself to sleep (Most of the time, minority will need mummy's help)

- I can laugh, chuckle or smile when I see friendly strangers smiling to me and of course when I see friends of my age.

- I prefer to bite mummy rather than Daddy cos mummy's arm is not so thick though it's boney.. hahahhaa... I will send mummy screaming in pain "Ouch ouch !! Xavier is painful !!"

This is my current routine which I am trying to adjust to. But I think I'm doing good and adjusting well to it. But once in a blue moon I will mess up the timing and give mummy hell !!! hahahhahaha

This is my meal time:

8:00 am: wakie by mummy for breakfast !!
12:00 pm: Lunch Time !!
4:00 pm: Dinner time !!
8:00 pm: Last feed for the day
10:00 pm: Good night everyone !!!

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