Thursday, December 11, 2008

Juz having fun !!

There were some occasions when we met up Uncle Alvin and Anuty Fion for lunch and shopping ! As usual, they will carry me and take pictures of me doing funny actions and playing around.

Xavier on sale at Toy 'R" US !!

Baby Xavier doll on sale !!! Grab now !!

Are you sure I'm worth this much ? Think I get fetch a better price on ebay !! (Fat chance !! wanna sell me, pls go through mummy for a pass !! heh heh )

Aren't I cool with the white sun shade..

This pic can be a lady killer's pic !! heh heh heh.. Dashing enough ???

Does this pic reminds you of crayon shin?

I'm riding on bicycle !!!

More pics to come but all are stuck in another hard disk. Shall ask mummy to post more !!

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