Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gathering @ Amy's house

Daddy & Mummy brought me to Aunty my's house for a mini get together with Aunty Delia. I had fun playing with Zhiyan mei-mei & Elliot di-di, so nice to see them again !! I am now more sociable towards peers of my age.

I can chuckle non stop if I see my friends or other babies smiling. Just like when I saw Kayla mei-mei when Aunty Jaspire brought her over to collect the cream. We will then have our own baby talk !!! hahahha.. Bet daddy & muumy dun understand our language for now.

This is our little way of saying hi. We yet to exactly know how to hug each other, instead we head butt.. haahahaha.. Cool heh !!

I had fun bouncing up and down in the jumperoo, with Elliot standing beside joining in the fun.

I too had fun playing with the FP little superstar sing-along stage !! B'cause I can see my own reflection !! hahahahaha

Thank you Zhiyan mei-mei for sharing your toys !! Elliot di-di, been great meeting you too !! Looking forward to meet you all again !!

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