Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Dinner @ Mt Faber SAFRA

15th November 2008, we were invited to Aunty Simin and Uncle Adrian's wedding at Mt Faber SAFRA. This is my first visit there. Here's a glimpse of the invitation. Muumy told Aunty Simin to email her instead of sending by post to save the trouble.. hee ..

Aunty Simin, a long time friend of mummy. They knew each other while working at IRAS, while waiting for their O levels result. Been almost 10 years !!???

Before that I did see her before with Aunty Cecilia. We went for high tea at Orchard Hotel together with Da yi (Jo)

Mummy dressed me up in the black jumper. Hee.. here's one pose !!

And one funny face.. hahaha

Before, we went for the dinner, we had a walk at Vivocity and as well as a pre-dinner @ White Dog Cafe. Daddy and mummy enjoying their cakes while I enjoyed applying gel (my saliva) on daddy's hair !!

During the dinner, I was exceptionally good, no fussing, as I was well entertained by the revolving lights around the ballroom. But of course, till the last few dishes, my patience of sitting in the pram alone ran out and there daddy goes, entertaining me with the shoulder ride again !!

One shot with mummy !!

And home sweet home we went after saying goodbye and thanking the beautiful bride for the nice dinner.

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