Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playskool " Go and grow giraffe "

Check out my new toy !! It's Playskool " Go and grow giraffe". It works as both a chair and a rocker.
I had tried it on during my visit to Kayla's home on Deepavali. Seeing how much I have enjoyed it, Daddy and mummy has been aiming to buy this for me.

It's a good deal !! We saw it at Toys "R" Us at $59.90. Thanks to Aunty Dolly who informed mummy that someone wanna sell for $45 in the forum and it's totally brand new !! Mummy managed to negotiate to $40 !! heee.. must have picked up the bargaining skills from daddy. Thank you Uncle Weiguang for collecting for me.

Here's me trying out on my new toy !!

I spotted the taggie to chew on !!

Ooops !! Caught in "chewing" action again

I'm am the happy, little Xavier, riding on the giraffe !! Here I come !!

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