Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweet potato Puree

I bought Japanese sweet potatoes from Cold storage, those with purple flesh. Xavier loves it for its natural sweet tasting. Please pardon the blur pics.

I had used it yesterday to mix together with the sweet garden peas to hide the green smell and Xavier finished every bit of it. It has a nice colour too, which is appealing to babies.

Sweet potato has the richest low-fat source of vitamin E. It contributes to heart health and is a good source of dietary antioxidants. Helps in regulating high blood pressure and also helps anaemia. It may also protect against inflammatory conditions.


1. One sweet potato (purple or orange flesh.
2. A little amt of ebm


1. Wash the sweet potato thoroughly.
2. Peel and cut into cubes.
3. Steam over boiling water for 10 -15 mins or till soft.
4. Mash and sieved through to puree or blend it.
5. Add desired amt of ebm to get desired thickness.

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