Sunday, October 12, 2008

Play session for babies

Here goes Xavier attending one of the play sessions at Stephanie's place. This was the 1st session with three other babies.

Clockwise from top left: Xavier, Bryan, Justin and Kang kang

2nd session was with Baby Justin and Baby Zhiyan. Before the lil' princess came, both princes were playing ball game !!

Xavier: Justin di di, can I have the big ball??
Justin: Xavier kor kor, why dun we share it ? (heh heh.. I still have a small one hiding under me.. hahahaha)

One with the mummies (From left): Amy & Princess zhiyan, me and Prince Xavier, Stephanie and Prince Justin

Stephanie has nicked Justin as "Da4 Bao1 Mi3" aka Big Rice pack, cos Justin weighs about 9.8 kg !!! Heavier than a sack of normal rice.. hahaha.. and here it goes.. Justin is the winner, follow by Xavier and then Zhiyan (Big, Medium, Small) hahahahaah..

Justin: Let me look serios in front of the cam !!
Xavier: stunned !! For a moment when Zhiyan mei-mei touched me !!!
Zhiyan: Xavier kor kor, look at me leh !!

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