Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mashed potato + sweet garden peas puree

I tried giving Xavier potato puree by adding in a bit of ebm. But he din like it. Probably, it was a bit bland. I gave him the first spoon and he gave me the "yucks" look, worse than the green peas puree. I tried again for the second time and he cried and fuss. Guessed it must have tasted awful. Then, I tried one spoonful myself. Indeed, to me it sucks a big time not to mention feeding it to baby. Conclusion: Try the food before you give it to baby.

Then, I tried to combine potato and sweet garden peas. Taste totally different. No more green smell from the peas and it actually sweeten up when mixed with potato and of course Xavier finished it up.

It looks something like green peas puree. But more lumpy when mixed with potato.

1. One cube of frozen green pea pureed
2. One potato or one cube of frozen potato puree


1. Wash and peel the potato
2. Cut into cubes.
3. Steam for 15 mins till soft and mashed.
4. Combined frozen pea pureed and potato and mixed.
5. Reheat the mixture
6. Add in cereal/ brown rice and desired amount of ebm.

This is his reaction:

Still not enough leh.. never mind I still have the bottle cap !! heh heh heh heh heh !!

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