Thursday, October 30, 2008

Xavier @ 29 weeks

I have just turned 29 weeks !! This is the cute, mischievous, little me !!

I began to have more neck support and had wanted to sit up more when I am being put into the pram. Watch how I pull myself up !!

This is how I train myself when I'm at home.. push ups !!!!

I did not know what is there actually in the whole which can capture my attention and to make me explore it for so long...

Not to mention the greedy me, putting whatever which is within my reach into my mouth.. hahhahaa..

Pls paron me Daddy & mummy.. I can't help it, I need to bite on something to ease my gums. I'm still waiting for tooth fairy to visit me.. I know I have been been a bit cranky lately, cos my gums swell and mummy saw a whitish line on my gums. Probably, my first tooth will be cutting out anytime.

xiao yi will jump if she sees this !! I'm chewing on her stuff toy !! hahahahaha

Mummy has started to train me by using the xiao man tou.. I have to use my thumb and index finger to hold up one in order to eat. No feeding allowed here. If can't take, means I hahaha.. I learn and can get to eat at the same time. So so nice !!

Firstly, mummy will place one cookie in her hand.

I'm supposed to "catch" the cookie. Thou a bit small for me. But I can do it !!

Here I am enjoying my reward after the hard work. Yipee !!! yummy !! yummy !!

After talking for so long, can I have a sip of the iced teh-o please ???

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