Thursday, October 30, 2008

Xavier @ 29 weeks

I have just turned 29 weeks !! This is the cute, mischievous, little me !!

I began to have more neck support and had wanted to sit up more when I am being put into the pram. Watch how I pull myself up !!

This is how I train myself when I'm at home.. push ups !!!!

I did not know what is there actually in the whole which can capture my attention and to make me explore it for so long...

Not to mention the greedy me, putting whatever which is within my reach into my mouth.. hahhahaa..

Pls paron me Daddy & mummy.. I can't help it, I need to bite on something to ease my gums. I'm still waiting for tooth fairy to visit me.. I know I have been been a bit cranky lately, cos my gums swell and mummy saw a whitish line on my gums. Probably, my first tooth will be cutting out anytime.

xiao yi will jump if she sees this !! I'm chewing on her stuff toy !! hahahahaha

Mummy has started to train me by using the xiao man tou.. I have to use my thumb and index finger to hold up one in order to eat. No feeding allowed here. If can't take, means I hahaha.. I learn and can get to eat at the same time. So so nice !!

Firstly, mummy will place one cookie in her hand.

I'm supposed to "catch" the cookie. Thou a bit small for me. But I can do it !!

Here I am enjoying my reward after the hard work. Yipee !!! yummy !! yummy !!

After talking for so long, can I have a sip of the iced teh-o please ???

Pumpkim Puree

Pumpkims provide beta-carotene and Vitamin c. It has a good source of vitamin A too. (Reference from Annabel Karmel "Too 100 baby puree")

I bought a portion from Cold Storage and cut out the amount which I'm going to use and fridge the rest. Xavier seems pretty alright to eat pumpkin puree alone. It aids to help him remove his bowels too =)


1. One portion of pumpkim


1. Cut the portion into cubes and rinse
2. Steam for about 10 -12 mins or until tender
3. Mashed or seived through to make puree.
4. Can add in desire amount of ebm for the desire consistency.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Graco Tea-Time Highchair

Latest investment by daddy was into the Graco tea-time highchair for me. Now, mummy can feed me my meals in this chair. I am supposed to be seated in here to learn how to use the fork and spoon in time to come. Meanwhile, I will just be served like a little king and sometimes having some munchies in my hand during snack time !! heh heh heh ..

This is my new chair !!

Ooops... you caught me munching.. But I'm not going to let you see !!

hahahaha.. I'm chewing on the teething biscuits mummy bought for me !!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Broccoli + Sweet potato puree

Broccoli provides beta-corotene, folate, potasium and vitamin C. It can be combined with potato to give a more creamy texture.

Obviously, Xavier hates the greens. I did not managed to cover the broccoli "green" smell when I first mixed with potato for him. He screamed and cried when I offered him the second spoonful.

Second attempt: I combined 2 table spoon of sweet potato, 1 tablespoon of broccoli and 1 tablspoon of brown rice. He finished everything !! Smart boy !! But he began to realise that there was broccoli mixture at the end when he was about to finish the mixture. Conclusion: Must really hide the greens from him.. !! Anyway, this was how I prepare the broccoli puree:

1. Broccoli florets
2. One cube of frozen sweet potato

1. Rinse the broccoli thoroughly and soak in water for about 15 minutes.
2. Discard the end stalks which are thick and hard.
3. Cut into florets.
4. Steam until tender for about 8 minutes.
5. Blend the cooked broccoli with some boiled water until smooth.
6. Add in the frozen sweet potato mixture and add the amount of ebm to get the desired consistency.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Xav's 7 mnths old

Happy 7 months old Xavier !! Time flies !! Xavier is another month older !! Hurray !!
I must say I'm really proud and happy to see Xavier growing chubby, healthy and well. I'm indeed really happy when people on train or in public whom I have spoken to,commented on how well Xavier has been taken care of, how cute he is, I'm feeling proud of myself in a way that I have taken care of him personally (Not easy thou esp I'm a 1st time mummy !!) without minimal help from my parents and parents in law nor any extra assistance. But of cos not forgetting those around me who have shared with me baby tips, esp Sis Jo and the group of mummies in the forums who has also shared their experiences. Without your tips, I wouldn't be able to take good care of Xavier. Thank you to dear dear who is always there to help me in the night shifts and also the constant reminders to be more patient =)

Another happy issue to share is I have made to meet my target of breast feeding Xavier for 6 months !! I have gone beyond that !! Now target entended to feed as long as I can. Hopefully can feed him till he turns one or till I become dry moo-moo.. heh heh

From 24 - 27 weeks
Xavier's become much stronger and he is able to lift his tummy away from the ground,
sometimes blancing himself on his sides (trying to sit up),

he can be on his fours to move around,

sit up for short moments without any support.

laughs at his own reflection when he sees himself in the mirror, knows how to play peek-a-boo with me behind the pillow and laugh himself silly when he sees me,

he knows how to pose with me when taking pictures,

sucks his thumb when I'm singing him his favourite tune to sleep,

and he blabbers sounds like "aah da da.. ahh burr... aiya ya ya..",

Best of all, guess what is his favourite and must have song when singing him to sleep.. It's by the Litte tigers !! " Hong Qing Ting "

Here the lyrics go >>

飞呀 飞呀
天空是永恒的家 大地就是他的王国

轻轻地吹着梦想 慢慢地升空

当烦恼愈来愈多 玻璃弹珠愈来愈少

我们都已经长大 好多梦正在飞
我们都已经长大 好多梦还要飞

Melon Puree

This is one of the puree Xavier likes. Melon puree !! It'squite simple to prepare. For this I did not steam it though. I gave him raw for it.


1. One slice of rock melon


1. Take a small wedge of melon, remove the seeds.
2. Cut the flesh away from the skin, discarding the green flesh near the skin.
3. Put in blender and blend to the desired consistency.

It looks something like this.

Mashed potato + sweet garden peas puree

I tried giving Xavier potato puree by adding in a bit of ebm. But he din like it. Probably, it was a bit bland. I gave him the first spoon and he gave me the "yucks" look, worse than the green peas puree. I tried again for the second time and he cried and fuss. Guessed it must have tasted awful. Then, I tried one spoonful myself. Indeed, to me it sucks a big time not to mention feeding it to baby. Conclusion: Try the food before you give it to baby.

Then, I tried to combine potato and sweet garden peas. Taste totally different. No more green smell from the peas and it actually sweeten up when mixed with potato and of course Xavier finished it up.

It looks something like green peas puree. But more lumpy when mixed with potato.

1. One cube of frozen green pea pureed
2. One potato or one cube of frozen potato puree


1. Wash and peel the potato
2. Cut into cubes.
3. Steam for 15 mins till soft and mashed.
4. Combined frozen pea pureed and potato and mixed.
5. Reheat the mixture
6. Add in cereal/ brown rice and desired amount of ebm.

This is his reaction:

Still not enough leh.. never mind I still have the bottle cap !! heh heh heh heh heh !!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweet potato Puree

I bought Japanese sweet potatoes from Cold storage, those with purple flesh. Xavier loves it for its natural sweet tasting. Please pardon the blur pics.

I had used it yesterday to mix together with the sweet garden peas to hide the green smell and Xavier finished every bit of it. It has a nice colour too, which is appealing to babies.

Sweet potato has the richest low-fat source of vitamin E. It contributes to heart health and is a good source of dietary antioxidants. Helps in regulating high blood pressure and also helps anaemia. It may also protect against inflammatory conditions.


1. One sweet potato (purple or orange flesh.
2. A little amt of ebm


1. Wash the sweet potato thoroughly.
2. Peel and cut into cubes.
3. Steam over boiling water for 10 -15 mins or till soft.
4. Mash and sieved through to puree or blend it.
5. Add desired amt of ebm to get desired thickness.

Carrot Puree

I had made this for Xavier to try when I first started him on puree. I bought a small pack of organic baby carrots from Carrefour, which costs about $4 to $5 plus.
As it has already been peeled and washed, hence, it saved alot of hassel to remove the skin =)

Carrots being rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant believed to help fight numerous type of cancer. Excellent source of vitamin A, for healthy vision. It makes excellent weaning food as babies like their naturally sweet taste. (Reference from Annabel Karmel "Top 100 Baby Purees)


1. One small plate of carrots
2. A little amt of ebm.

1. Rinse the carrots.
2. Steam for 10 - 15 mins/ till soft in boiling water.
3. Blend the carrots
4. Add in the desired amt of ebm to get the texture you want.

I forgot to take pics of the carrot puree. Will load later if I shall prepare again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lunches Marathon !!!

On the 17th October, I went for a hair cut at Etc Hair Salon as recommended by Delia. Thumbs up for the stylist, Kitty. She gave me a new image. Don't be shock alright =)

Details: Hair Etc. Salon
Stylist: Kitty Hoong
Location: Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central #01-440 S(310186)

On 18th October '08, we attended Chung Chung and Serene's wedding lunch at Four Seasons Hotel. Heartiest congratulations to both of them, felt happy for him. The person who does not wish to settle down so soon has finally got hitch !! Was surprised and happy to see many of my ex-colleagues there, almost forgetting that Chung Chung was formerly from the same station as me.. hahaha..

As for little Xavier, he was being carried from one table to another by the friends and colleaghues of dear dear and mine. Sure he was enjoying all he attention he was getting. He was quite well behaved I must say. He allowed all people to carry him and went to sleep when his nap time was near. He had his fair share of fun playing in front of the mirror !!

One pic together with Jessica and Xavier !!

On 19th October '08, it's feasting time again !! We went for Baby Claudia's full month party at Peony Jade Restaurant. Was nice to see all my poly friends again, though we sould still meet up on festive seasons. But been years since I saw David (In blue shirt).

Dudes (From left): Christopher, Yao nian, Kenny, David
Babes (From left) : Suleen, Xavier and me, Jessica and Guoying

One pic of Xavier with daddy

One pic of Xavier with mummy

After the lunch, supposed to go for some shopping. But was raining cats and dogs !! So off to home we went !!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pear Puree

Today, I made pear puree for Xavier, he finised 3 tablespoons of the puree plus another 120ml of milk. He kinda likes it though.

Pears contains pectin, which can slow things down if baby has loose stools. (Reference from Annabel Karmel "Top 100 baby purees" )

1 pear


1. Peel, core & cut the pear into cubes, steam for 10 mins.
2. Blend until smooth.
3. Freeze 2 tablespoon in one cube

I only managed to capture one shot of Xavier eating the puree.

Avocado Puree

Avocados are sometimes thought of as a vegetable but they are actually a fruit and contain more nutrients than any other fruit - perfect for weaning baby.

They are rich in monounsaturated fat, the ‘good type’ of fat which helps prevent heart disease.

The high calorie content of avocado makes it a good food for growing babies. It is a great source of the free radical fighting antioxidant vitamin E, which also boosts the immune system and is easy to digest.

(Reference from Annabel Karmel- First meals "Recipes little kids can sink their teeth into ")

1 small avocado

1. Cut a small avocado in half, remove the stone & scoop out the flesh.
2. Blend together with a little of ebm.

Here's some pics of Xavier taking avocado..

From top left to right: The creamy texture of the blended avocado, Look at my face and you will know if the food is yummy.

From bottom left to right: Gonna stuff my mouth full with the avocado.. hahahhahhaha, when is the next spoon feed going to come ???

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Play session for babies

Here goes Xavier attending one of the play sessions at Stephanie's place. This was the 1st session with three other babies.

Clockwise from top left: Xavier, Bryan, Justin and Kang kang

2nd session was with Baby Justin and Baby Zhiyan. Before the lil' princess came, both princes were playing ball game !!

Xavier: Justin di di, can I have the big ball??
Justin: Xavier kor kor, why dun we share it ? (heh heh.. I still have a small one hiding under me.. hahahaha)

One with the mummies (From left): Amy & Princess zhiyan, me and Prince Xavier, Stephanie and Prince Justin

Stephanie has nicked Justin as "Da4 Bao1 Mi3" aka Big Rice pack, cos Justin weighs about 9.8 kg !!! Heavier than a sack of normal rice.. hahaha.. and here it goes.. Justin is the winner, follow by Xavier and then Zhiyan (Big, Medium, Small) hahahahaah..

Justin: Let me look serios in front of the cam !!
Xavier: stunned !! For a moment when Zhiyan mei-mei touched me !!!
Zhiyan: Xavier kor kor, look at me leh !!

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