Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My LG prime mat !!

I was about 21 weeks old when I finally mastered a skill to flip to my left !! I had knew how to flip to my right long ago. heh heh .. This time, daddy and mummy will be busier to look out for my movements !! Mmuahahahaha !! But freak not, because Daddy and Mummy bought me a super soft and nice colourful mat ! Big enough for me to do my flips and rolls !! Do check it out here !!

This is the LG prime mat. Design: Yellow bear, thickness: 15mm, measuring: 23m x 14m. This mat burnt a hole in daddy and mummy's pocket, costing $266.

Mummy loves the vibrant colours and soon it became our activity mat. Mummy folds my nappy, surfs internet, sleep and play with me and daddy too sits on the mat during his VCDs marathon. For me, I can pose and take pics ..

Take my cat naps.. Zzzzzz...

Do my flips and rolls..

Do my leopard crawls and caterpillar wriggles..

My gym time and my toys ..

& of course my meal time too !!

This mat is a good buy !! Suitable for all ages !! hahahahahaha ..

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