Monday, September 8, 2008

Bintan Trip

Daddy and mummy brought me for a short trip to Bintan !! This was my first trip after I was born. Mummy had been deprived to go on a trip for almost one year plus. Daddy had brought her there to pamper her for a spa treat.. heeee.. and me to become the "light bulb" hahahahaa..

We went from 4th - 6th Sept. Though it had been raining for the first two days we went, but we still enjoyed ourselves as much.

Here it goes... Check out the cool dude !! It's me, Xavier, in mummy's shade ! yo yo check it out !!
We never failed to take a family pic when we arrived at Nirwana Gardens Resort. Here's one ..

One shoot with daddy

I'm always mummy's model.. heh heh heh.. She always like to snap alot of pictures of me =) Here's one on the bed and sofa !

As it was raining, it's bathtub mania again ! Yippeee .. I love it !!

Mummy never fail to bring my Mumbo neck float whenever we go to places with bathtub.. heh heh.. I was having a splashing great time, tilt and dip my head backwards but at the same time was afraid that I might do somersault into the water. Here's some pics to share... See how I balance with both my legs up

I'm the second merlion coming up !! Watch out !!

I'm beat... Yawnnnn... Lemme laze around for awhile

I'm can be very alert too.. hahaha.. got you fooled !!

Here's one with mummy !!

Lemme figure out how to switch channel ..

Daddy went for his massage today while mummy kept me accompany. We went for dinner later in the evening at the coffeeshop for a feast.. slurrp .. But I can't eat !!!

The second day was also a thunderstorm !! BORRING .... But the rain stopped after we had our breakfast. I'm still in my sleep suit as daddy and mummy was afraid that the sea breeze was too cold for me..
HELLLOOOO to the big sea here I come !!

One pic with daddy in the garden...
Look at the massive huge sea and the gloomy sky behind us !!

Daddy and me looking out for any beautiful seashells

One with mummy on the sandy beach

Another pic with mummy by the poolside

Relax time for me again before I go for my dip. heh heh heh

Lemme charm you again with my ever irresistable smile and eyes again.. wahahaha...

Went for a 10 mins dip and suntanning with daddy and mummy.

I'm stranded further and further away.

After the dip, mummy gave me my feed and off she went to pamper herself in a full body scrub and massage.

We went out for an evening walk and had enjoyed the serenity of the island. Here' one of the peaceful and calm sea.

One famiy photo by the walkway

One for daddy and mummy while I was excused.. heh heh..

Back to the room for some fun with daddy enertaining me with the Whoozit toy !! Daddy named it Mr wolly wolly.. hahahaha

The next morning which was also our last day in Bintan. We went for our usual breakfast buffet and I too had my fair share of licking the water melon. After that, I went for a little sun tanning by the pool while daddy went for a dip !! Here's one, WATCH OUT FOR MY LITTLE 'BIG' FEET !!

Finally, the sun was nice extremely warm on the last day. We went and snap some pics by the seaside.

Let me enjoy some sea breeze before I say sayoonara to Bintan.

That's the end of my first trip !! Looking forward for another one !!


karlsfoodie said...

duno is the colour of his pink shirt or his pose.. he look so girl haha...

xavvy said...

hahaha.. He has always look girlish ..

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