Saturday, August 23, 2008

Xavier @ 5 months old

Today's Xavier is officially turning 5 months old !! How fast he grows. Yesterday we brought him for his third month injection. He is growing well with a nice weight of 7.4 kg and of course growing taller each time we bring him there. He is now 65 cm.

As he has been gumming away recently, suspected of teething anytime.. hee.. We told Dr Ong, he made a check and told us that Xavier's gums abit swollen and could be teething. Should he is still interested in taking in milk, continue to let him have it and start him on semi solid at his 6th month. If he rejects milk, we can try to give him cereals for a start.

Dr Ong has also told me to avoid seafood, peanut and peanut butter as I am still breastfeeding the boy, as the boy has skin allergies.

After that, we went to Orchard to pass time as there is a dinner at 6 pm at Sembawang "Buckeroo" restaurant. It has been a year since I went there with dear dear. That was when I am still carrying Xavier in my tummy !! Miss those buffalo wings.. Slurp !!

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