Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To Me !!!

It's my birthday again !! Same as previous years, I will normally treat my family for a dinner and our Big Chef Jo, normally bakes us a cake on our birthdays. Thanks Jo for the yummy blackforest cake !! This year, with an additional member to share the joy on my birthday with me and that's Xavier of course !!

We had dinner at "Le Chasseur" located at 31 New Bridge Road. Their live BBQ Prawns is a must try and also do try out their claypot rice too !!

We had our fill and here comes the cake. I was telling them that from now on all our birthday candle will be blown by Xavier. He was so amazed by the candlelight. See how big his eyes can go !! hahahahaha..

Here's the family group photo

Here's one with dear dear and Xavier

Xavier cutting the birthday cake with me !!

The prices for the dish is quite reasonable but have to order more in quantity as the serving is rather small. The little restaurant has a nice boss too, introducing you the origins of each and every dish.

Le Chasseur" 31 New Bridge Road S(059393)
Contact: 63377677 91440322

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