Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cooking Mania !!!

Finally, I got a chance to use the rice ball mould. Heee.. learnt how to make simple onigiri from Sis Jo. 2nd time ever in my life I cook rice. The first time I remember I added in too much water and it turned out like sticky rice??? Few years later, I tried again. This time, cooking rice to make the yummy onigiri. Dear dear loves it alot as I could tell. I made about 8 balls in the noon. He took about 5. Then, later in the night, he told me he misses the onigiri. hahahhaa.. Felt good about it, cos I hardly step into the kitchen to whip up any dishes. Least, this first attempt is a success.

Pls pardon my mobile phone camera... Here's the onigiri with pork floss....

Later in the evening, by request again. Dear Dear wanna eat Spaghetti. We bought salad, mushroon and campbells soup from Cold storage. Then, I add in more mushroom into the soup, fried some chicken shreds after marinating with soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper and as well as the mushrooms before adding into the pasta sauce.

This is the wild mushroom soup...

This is the Spaghetti wih mushrooms and chicken..

Some weeks ago, made Cola pork ribs as well as steam ribs with soy beans and chilli. Pics to load later.... Thats all for the moment.

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