Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cooking Mania !!!

Finally, I got a chance to use the rice ball mould. Heee.. learnt how to make simple onigiri from Sis Jo. 2nd time ever in my life I cook rice. The first time I remember I added in too much water and it turned out like sticky rice??? Few years later, I tried again. This time, cooking rice to make the yummy onigiri. Dear dear loves it alot as I could tell. I made about 8 balls in the noon. He took about 5. Then, later in the night, he told me he misses the onigiri. hahahhaa.. Felt good about it, cos I hardly step into the kitchen to whip up any dishes. Least, this first attempt is a success.

Pls pardon my mobile phone camera... Here's the onigiri with pork floss....

Later in the evening, by request again. Dear Dear wanna eat Spaghetti. We bought salad, mushroon and campbells soup from Cold storage. Then, I add in more mushroom into the soup, fried some chicken shreds after marinating with soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper and as well as the mushrooms before adding into the pasta sauce.

This is the wild mushroom soup...

This is the Spaghetti wih mushrooms and chicken..

Some weeks ago, made Cola pork ribs as well as steam ribs with soy beans and chilli. Pics to load later.... Thats all for the moment.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To Me !!!

It's my birthday again !! Same as previous years, I will normally treat my family for a dinner and our Big Chef Jo, normally bakes us a cake on our birthdays. Thanks Jo for the yummy blackforest cake !! This year, with an additional member to share the joy on my birthday with me and that's Xavier of course !!

We had dinner at "Le Chasseur" located at 31 New Bridge Road. Their live BBQ Prawns is a must try and also do try out their claypot rice too !!

We had our fill and here comes the cake. I was telling them that from now on all our birthday candle will be blown by Xavier. He was so amazed by the candlelight. See how big his eyes can go !! hahahahaha..

Here's the family group photo

Here's one with dear dear and Xavier

Xavier cutting the birthday cake with me !!

The prices for the dish is quite reasonable but have to order more in quantity as the serving is rather small. The little restaurant has a nice boss too, introducing you the origins of each and every dish.

Le Chasseur" 31 New Bridge Road S(059393)
Contact: 63377677 91440322

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Xavier @ 5 months old

Today's Xavier is officially turning 5 months old !! How fast he grows. Yesterday we brought him for his third month injection. He is growing well with a nice weight of 7.4 kg and of course growing taller each time we bring him there. He is now 65 cm.

As he has been gumming away recently, suspected of teething anytime.. hee.. We told Dr Ong, he made a check and told us that Xavier's gums abit swollen and could be teething. Should he is still interested in taking in milk, continue to let him have it and start him on semi solid at his 6th month. If he rejects milk, we can try to give him cereals for a start.

Dr Ong has also told me to avoid seafood, peanut and peanut butter as I am still breastfeeding the boy, as the boy has skin allergies.

After that, we went to Orchard to pass time as there is a dinner at 6 pm at Sembawang "Buckeroo" restaurant. It has been a year since I went there with dear dear. That was when I am still carrying Xavier in my tummy !! Miss those buffalo wings.. Slurp !!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flipping good times !!!

hmmm.. wat should I be doing since I can be on my tummy .....

Xavier finally knows how to flip. Normally babies do it from tummy to back first. But I guess Xavier took the extra effort to learn to flip from his back to be on his tummy. I was so surprised, shock and happy !!! He is now about 19 weeks. It was just within seconds and there he goes !! He was sure enjoying his new skill found. I would say he is simply irresistable !!

The bolster shall be my best friend when I nap !!!

Just simply lazy to lift my head !! Haahahaha...

Gathering @ Chewy's place

On 15th Aug '08, there was a gathering at Chewy's place at CCK cresent. Abit far for me but it's nice to be able to meet up with other mummies. It kinda tested my limit. Imagine, I carried Xavier in the Bjorn carrier, his diaper bag with three books each weighing 1.3 kg and a pram !! Best part was I took train and bus with all these barang barang. It was real heavy but luckily I can still managed thou I was blur enough to misread the message and took the bus from the wrong direction and in the end taking a bus back to the same spot again. hahaha.. Blur mumy..

We had a nice lunch and chat with mummies and babies.

After the gathering, I met Eileen at Yew tee station. It was 5 years since I last met her. Glad that I still recognises her. She was my former primary school and secondary classmate. Cheers to the long time friendship of 15 years !!!

We settled down at Mos Burger Taka to catch up with each other while I breast feed Xavier there. Nowadays, dun think much about where to feed him, so long as I am not exposed good enuf. Anywhere is good heh.

Eileen with Baby Xavier

After that, we met up Huifen at Far East Plaza and had our dinner at Sakura. Huifen also my secondary school pal. Known her for 13 years already. Cheers to our long time friendship too. I'm really happy. Thou I have lots of frens but it's really nice when the one or two really have the effort to keep in touch with one another.
Group photo with the gals and baby.

Thanks Eileen and Huifen for the advanced birthday gift. So sweet.. it's like gift exchange. Cos I bought a gift together with Huifen for Eileen as her birthday falls on the 16th Aug. Was touched and surprised when they gave me mine too which was one week away from Eileen. Thanks babes !!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Singapore !!!

Happy Birthday Singapore !! So excited and happy as Xavier celebrated his first National Day !! Together with me, he dressed up in red and white Top which I bought for him at Bossini yesterday. Not too bad, he can wear it thou it's for 6 - 12 months old baby.. hee.. Both of us were in National Day mood as we went over to Sis's house for a mini celebration tonight.

Xav was trying to say something while pointing to me.. Dunno why he gave that face ...

A group photo after the feast whipped up by Jo.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bathtub Mania @ Hwa Xia !!

Today I finally brought Xavier to Hwa Xia for the water therapy. He did not make any fuss nor did he scream. He gave me a face full of ?????? hahahahaha..

He must be wondering where he was and what he was doing. Soon after, he started to kick and exercising his joints. His face was slowly turning red and was soon exhausted. The staff then help up and support his legs in water so as to allow him to rest.

After 15 mins, the session ended and a full body massage kicked in. Xavier was lying comfortably at the same time allowing the staff to massage for him. He was sure to have enjoy the session and had fallen asleep shortly within 10 mins when I latched him on for fear that he might be thirsty. Hope he had fun today !!

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