Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary - 12th July 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary !! We celebrated this special day at Marina Mandarin. We still have a free room to utilise as it was included in our package when we held our dinner at MM in july 2007. Time flies.. One year past ..

Everything seems to be well planned.. coincidence I mean .. hahahha.. We watched the Black Knights performed their "love affair",

followed by a series of fireworks display. Surprisingly, Xavier was not startled by the loud noise when the planes flew past and infact was happily sleeping on the comfy bed. He watched the fireworks curiously after that.

Then, we took a walk to Singapore Flyers. We had a quiet moment to ourselves at kenko Foot Reflexology, indulging ourselves in the fish spa. Will further elaborate on this.

Garra Rufa known as Doctor Fish, helps promote blood circulation, ease psoriasis, minor eczema, wonderful stress reliever !!!

Halfway, Xavier woke up and the staff kindly carried him to us and he sat on my lap while I continue to let the fishes nibble.

After that, we went for our dinner at Seafood Paradise, which is famous for their creamy butter crabby ... YUMMY !!! It was like as if daddy had booked the whole entire restaurant.. cos we were the only three left in the restaurant when we were dining. So peaceful as we had the whole place to ourselves.

After that, we slowly took our walk back to the hotel.

The next morning, after the hearty breakfast, we went back to our room and allow Xavier to "swim" .. but not in the pool.. whahahaha.. it's in the BATHTUB !! I brought the neck float alsong for him. The depth was too shallow in the end, Xavier was gliding from one end to another end. He was enjoying himself and was chuckling away when we first placed him into the tub.

Lunch at Peony Jade - Clarke Quay

Yesterday, I went to Peony Jade Restaurant with my mil and sil. Sil went there to pay the deposit for her rom lunch reception. Hence, might as well we lunch there. This is the starter.. yummy yummy..

My favourite grilled cod fish .. but this time is with mango sauce and mango cubes .. slurrp ..
This is mushroom with sea cucumber.

This is the friend mee sua.

I missed to snap on the shark fin soup and the yummy Or-ni with Hashima. After that, I fed Xavier in the bridal changing room.. hee.. not too bad for me if the place can allow me to feed in privacy..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy DaDdy !!!!!

On 30th June 2008, we celebrated Daddy's birthday at Wheelock Place, Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe, having daddy's favourite Japanese food.. Slurrrp !! Check out the simply oishii dishes !!

Mixed seafood rice in pot
Mixed Yakitori.. Simpli-licious.......

Mixed seafood Pancake
As usual, mummy went to get a slice of Hazel nut Chocolate cake from Cedele. Yummy !!
Time to sing birthday song to Daddy !!

When can I start eating the cake ..... Drool...

One shot with mummy !!
One shot with Daddy and Mummy !!

Anyone interested in dining at the above, here it is:
Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe
Wheelock Place
Tel: 67336636

The Central
Tel: 65347784

Japanese Dining Sun
Tel: 63363166
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