Friday, June 27, 2008

Xavier @ 3 months old

How I grow
I don’t bob my head as much.
I keep my hands loosely open most of the time.
I will hold objects, but I will not reach for them.
I move my arms and legs a lot.
When held in a standing position, I can bear some weight on my legs.
When I’m on my tummy, I can hold my head up for 10 seconds or longer.
I touch my face with my hands.

How I talk
I gurgle, whimper and chuckle.
I don’t cry as much as I used to.
I squeal and make other sounds when you talk to me.

How I eat and sleep
I may have one feeding at night.
I may sleep through the night.
I may need a morning nap and an afternoon nap.

How I respond
When I see you, I turn my whole body to face you.
I turn my head toward the sounds of singing or talking.
I may stop or start crying depending on who is holding me.

How I understand
I’m beginning to remember things.
I’m beginning to recognize different people in my family.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gathering Day

On 12th June '08, mummy brought me to Singapore Botanical Gardens and had a meet up with some other mummies whom had delivered in late march or april 2008. Apart from me, some other babies were there too !!

Before reaching SBG, mummy brought me to Tanglin mall for feed and as usual, mummy will start to take candid pictures of me.. heee.. One shot of me sittting up !! Am I cute ?!!

I borrowed Byron's pram to sleep in.. hee hee.. There, I'm awake !!

One group photo for the mums & babies !!

After the mummies gathering, I went for another gathering. This time round was at Orchard Shopping Centre, Sakura Japanese restaurant. Mummy had a gathering with her former colleagues from Team Delta. HELLO to all friendly Mr policemen !!

It started when Uncle Lenon found these two pics on his computer desktop. Those were the days when mummy was a police officer, wearing the ever so smart uniform !!

From left (top) : Uncle Adrian, Uncle Lenon, Uncle Eddie, Uncle Mun Fei, Uncle Rahman (Mummy's former boss), Uncle Ong, Uncle Steve and his girlfriend.

From left (bottom): I'm in daddy's arms, mummy, Uncle Ahmad and Uncle Farid

While waiting to go home to have milk, I take the chance to have a power nap first.
And that's how I spent my day !! Whee !!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Food and tools !!

Silicon Mould for pancakes ..

Triangular and square Rice moulds

Cookies cutters

Bought these little tools to keep so that when Xavier grows older, I can prepare little bento boxes with cute cute food for him. Now I guess, I need to start learning how to prepare food. Hee .. Luckily, sis (Jo) is here, anything on how to cook food or bake cakes/ cookies, I can ask her. She's a great cook and I shall learn how to cook and make food from her when I am free !!

This is my 2nd attempt of making pancakes. 1st attempt was a bit too dry. Hee.. By the 2nd attempt, the pancakes almost same as Macdonald's standard thou the colour is not consistant !

Morinaga pancake mixed
Magnolia Milk
one egg
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