Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Xavier @ 2 months old

66 days old on 27th May '08

When I turned 2 months old, this is what I can do ...

* My head is a little wobbly when I am propped up. Put your hand
behind my neck and head for support.
* I can hold my head up for a few seconds when I’m on my stomach.
* I hold onto things for a little while.
* I move my arms and legs. I "bicycle" with my feet when I get excited.
* I gurgle, laugh and smile when I am happy.
* I cry when I am hungry, scared or uncomfortable.
* I am aware of different voices and people.
* I stay awake during the day. But I usually take naps throughout the day.
* I make cooing sounds.
* I begin to stare at my hands.
* I follow you with my eyes to watch you move around.
* I stare at people and at things.
* I smile at other people, not just at my mother.
* I quiet down when I suck my fingers, a bottle or a pacifier.

67days old on 28th May '08

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