Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Xavier's full month !!

On 19th April 2008, Xavier's full month celebration was held at my mum's place. Really gotta say a big THANK YOU to my sis, Jo. Luckily, she cooked for me during my confinement for two weeks and looking after Xavier when I was knocked out. The nappy marathon by Xavier can give her nightmares.. hahaha .. Jo did up some fruit tarts for mum's friends, painted the red eggs, helped me order and collect the Ang Ku Kueis.. Busy busy.. And she even baked some very cute cupcakes for the guests to savour during the buffet... Super cute !! Baby and mummy loves them !!

Then, she managed to snap some shots of Baby Xavier.. Here comes the baby Ah Beng sucking "drumstick".. He's saying "Dun mess with me when I'm having my food"

Xavier posing with Aunty Sharon and Aunty Jazlyn.

Thank you to the great photographer, Uncle Han who came over quite early just to take some shoot for Xavier. We love them !! Simply natural ! if you guys wanna check out his works !!
Whenever you see Xavier with this facial expression.. it means " I am going to poo- poo !! "

A snip of Xavier's hair. I think there is no scissors bigger than this pair .... Really big
Let me day dream for a while ...
One shot with grandma ..
Xavier says a big THANK YOU to all uncls and aunties for their gifts !!

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