Friday, April 4, 2008

The arrival of Baby Xavier - Birth Story

On 23rd March 2008

@ 0730 hrs - Woke up from sleep when realised that I was wetting my bed and I guessed the water bag had burst. I quickly went for a quick shower and took breakfast. Dr Chong was informed.

@ 0830 hrs - Arrived at the hospital. Did a cervix check and discovered that cervix had already dilated to 4 cm. I was then given the stool pump to empty my bowels and also to collect the "leaking" water to send for test to affirm that it is from the water bag. Affirmative !! Nurse told me I am in labour and I was sent to the labour room. I was then strapped on to the CTG monitoring machine. At that moment still no contraction came. Imagine we can still take some pics !! Heez ... Daddy is happily playing PSP !!! Still in relax mode .... Zzzzz

@ 1040 hrs - Dr Chong arrived and did a cervix test. I was thinking.. NOT AGAIN !!! Then, was found that my bladder was very full but I have no urge to empty out. This factor actually hinders the cervix from dilating. No choice, doc then drew out my urine.. PAIN !!! I was put on drips to help make the contraction kick in earlier. The contractions soon started to kick in and I could no longer tolerate the pain when cervix was dilated to 6 cm. So I requested for epidural.
@ 1448 hrs - Baby Xavier's first cries.

After 38 weeks, I can finally hold Xavier in my hands. I could not control my tears of joy at that moment. Definately, we knew that we really love Xavier.

Xavier has a nice weight of 3.17kg, head circumference: 34cm and length a birth of 48cm.

The pushing out of the placenta.

A shot of Xavier when the nurse sent him to me for feeding. He is still in lala-land ... Sweet dreams ..
Xavier was discharged on the same day as mummy after Dr Ong had checked his jaundice level which is less than 10. Home sweet Home Xavier !!

26th March 2008 (Day 4)
Xavier has lots of poses when he sleeps. this is one of them.
27th March 2008 (Day 5)
We brought Xavier to see doctor as he did not wee wee or poo for the whole of yesterday. We were so worried. Doc made a check again and told us Xavier has to be admitted to do phototherapy as his jaundice level has went up. We were so upset and definately for sure we are going to miss him. Thou it's only barely 5 days since he joined us but we really can't bear to leave him there .. =(

28th March 2008 (Day 6)
We went to visit Xavier to see if he is better. I also brought along some milk which is only enough for one feed. As my milk supply has yet to kick in much, but I tried to pump out and accumulate. As far as I can do it, I do not want him to have formula milk first unless there is really no choice.

Here is Xavier sleeping in the empty cot "sun tanning" Baby wet himself again.. Changing time !! Aunty feeding Xavier with the EBM brought down to him. 30th March 2008 (Day 8)
More poses by Xavier when he is sleeping .. Zzz...
23rd April '08 (32 days old)

Daddy and mummy brought Xavier to Suntec City for his first hair cut !!

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